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SOAR Programme

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Opportunity to 'Dare to Create' significance
14 students forming 2 teams participated in the Destination Imagination Challenge 2019 on 6th April 2019. They had come in 4th and 5th place! 
Thanks to all who had put in effort and accommodated the busy schedule and for coaching and inspiring the students.

The Dazhong SOAR programme is part of the school’s larger Talent Development programme based on based on the Enrichment Triad Model developed by Dr. Sally Reis and Dr. Joseph Renzulli.

The model comprises of three interrelated types of approaches:

-            Type I (Fundamentals)  – general exploratory activities

-            Type II (Customised) – group training activities

-            Type III (Enrichment) – individual and small-group investigations of real problems

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The SOAR programme is a programme customised with the objective of developing the potential of high progress learners by stretching their intellectual capacity and developing their creative and inventive thinking and problem solving skills. The exposure to different domains through the programme will also help students identify their areas of academic strength and interest, allowing them to develop their skills and abilities in a multi-disciplinary approach. The aims of the programme are aligned with the school’s long-term goal of developing self-directed learners with strong disciplinary knowledge and skills, so that they may be of service to the school and the wider community, and be able to soar beyond limits and serve beyond themselves.

The programme is targeted towards the top 15-20% of the P4 to P6 cohort, based on a holistic assessment of students’ aptitude and attitude towards the different core academic subjects. Selected students will undergo differentiated instruction within the school curriculum that allows them to extend their learning, and will also have the opportunity to participate in a co-curricular programme that will enhance their cognitive engagement.

As part of the co-curricular SOAR programme, Primary 4 students will undergo a series of lessons that aim to develop their general critical and inventive thinking skills, which is one of the key domains in the 21st century competencies. In Primary 5, students will have the opportunity to further their learning in specific subject disciplines and participate in various competitions that allow them to gain exposure and showcase their learning. They will also embark on a mini-project that allows them to conduct research into a topic of their interest, through which they will develop the necessary inquiry skills to nurture them into self-directed learners. In Primary 6, students will be required to apply the skills and competencies they have acquired through the SOAR programme to complete a team project as part of the Destination Imagination National Tournament. This aims to provide them with the opportunity to apply their critical and inventive thinking skills and disciplinary knowledge to an interdisciplinary project, thereby culminating their journey through the SOAR programme.

Term 3
Objectives No. of students

P4 Programme for critical and logical thinking + School-based activities

1) Critical and logical thinking
~40 students

P5 Subject-specific training for competitions (Maths & Science)
Destination Imagination
Project Preparation
1) Content stretching
2) Integration and application of 21cc skills
~30 students

P6 Destination Imagination Project Prep & Tournament

1) Integration and application of 21cc skills
10 - 14 students
(2 teams)

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