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14-Jun-2021 (Mon)
P3 AEP Violin Recital 2021

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2-Jun-2021 (Wed)
Student Vaccination Against COVID-19

Attend MOE’s Zoom Webinar session with

the MOH medical expert and MOE representatives:

3rd June, 12- 1pm

Details are:

Link: https://go.gov.sg/moevacwebinar  

Password: MOEVac

For full details, you can access it here.

28-May-2021 (Fri)
SYFgoesOnline! Showcase
In view of HBL and the latest COVID-19 measures, the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2021 Arts Celebrations has been renamed SYFgoesOnline! with all components of the arts activities pivoted online. SYFgoesOnline! is a virtual arts festival by students from Singapore schools that showcases the creativity, vibrancy, and resilience of our youths as our nation stands united in the face of current challenges. Like last year, this year’s Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) will be held virtually to enable students to continue engaging in the arts.
Through fun and easy-to-follow mini online projects involving Art, Dance, Music and Drama, SYFGoesOnline! brings together the voices of youths to express our hopes, dreams and desire to uplift and inspire. Students can take part and showcase their talents in Art Labs, DanceVerve 21, Let’s Jam Together, SYFplaysON!, helloSYF or even Young Playwright Presents!
Please visit this website for more details:

25-May-2021 (Tue)
Term 2 Affirmation Day 2021
15-Apr-2021 (Thu)
Dazhong Assessment Weightings
15-Apr-2021 (Thu)
P3-P6 Early Dismissal on 11 May and 18 May 2021

Dear all,

Due to the SA1 exams, there will be no CCA sessions for P3-6 students on 11 May and 18 May. As such, school will end at 1.40 p.m. for P1-6 students on Tuesday, 11 May and Tuesday, 18 May. Please make the necessary transport arrangements for your child.

Thank you.

11-Feb-2021 (Thu)
Chinese New Year Celebration 2021

Despite restrictions due to the pandemic, our students were meaningfully
engaged in the joyous celebration as we usher in the Year of the Ox. They were involved in a series of classroom activities that are aligned with our Green Makers ALP initiative. Students from all levels were involved in a myriad of craft activities such as making Floral Petals, Pussy Willows, Mosaic Art and creating a big portrait as a class. The Dazhong family wishes you and your family a safe and prosperous Lunar New Year!

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27-Jan-2021 (Wed)
Appreciation Note for Dazhong Staff

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25-Jan-2021 (Mon)
MOE Kindergarten First Flight

Dear Parents,

Click here to view more information on MOE Kindergarten First Flight.

15-Jan-2021 (Fri)
Latest Updates on Dazhong Primary School Events for 2021

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Please click here to view latest updates of events in Dazhong Primary School!

Thank you.

7-Jan-2021 (Thu)
Interview by 8World News, a Channel 8 News & Current Affairs Department

Our former student, Aw Kailing, was interviewed recently by 8World News, a Channel 8 News & Current Affairs department.

She shared her story of how Dazhong and particularly her experience in Junior Orchestra (JO) CCA has developed in her a persevering spirit and a deep sense of school pride despite her challenging background. You may read more via:


2)FB post:https://www.facebook.com/761497517/posts/10159472477727518



7-Jan-2021 (Thu)
SMM Reminders

Dear Parents,

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Dare to Lead!


Thank you!

4-Jan-2021 (Mon)
Welcome back to school 2021
Dear Parents/ Guardians and students,
I hope that first day at school was a joyful and enjoyable session for all our P1 students and parents.
We are very glad that our P1 students were confident, attentive and cooperative with their teachers. Also thankful that many parents have affirmed us for the warm welcome they have received from all of us at Dazhong. We even taught our P1 students our Dazhong Cheer!
For the rest of you, P2-P6 students, we look forward to welcome you back to school tomorrow. Do remember to observe safe distancing, wear your masks, keep your schoolbag light, put on your clean and neat uniforms, demonstrate our Dazhong walk and graciousness as you enter into school tomorrow morning- at staggered timings, of course! You are Dazhong pride!
See you all in school tomorrow. Wishing all a Blessed and Happy New Year in 2021. Stay Safe, Stay Curious and Dare to Lead!

20-Nov-2020 (Fri)
PSLE Dates

Dear Parents, 

Below are the PSLE dates for 2021:

Oral Examinations (Thursday,12th August - Friday, 13th August 2021)

Listening Comprehension (Friday, 17th September 2021)

Written Examinations (Thursday, 30 Sep - Wednesday, 6 Oct 2021)

Marking Exercise (Monday, 18th Oct - Thursday, 21st Oct 2021)

For more details on notification of School Examination Dates 2021, click here.

10-Nov-2020 (Tue)
Nomination for Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2021 & Prisdent's Award for Teachers 2021

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22-Apr-2020 (Wed)
Social Distancing is NOT Social Isolation!

Social Distancing IS NOT Social Isolation! You can join for a fun workout sessions and well-being programmes every Wednesday at 4pm!

Cooking Roti John the healthier way!
You may prepare ingredients listed if you wish to follow the video and cook on the spot!

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3-Apr-2020 (Fri)
Video on how we can play our part in the fight against COVID
31-Mar-2020 (Tue)
Home Based Learning (Toolkit)

Dear Parents,

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21-Mar-2020 (Sat)
Useful FAQs (Minister addresses COVID-19 Concerns
19-Mar-2020 (Thu)
Difference between SHN & LOA

Dear Parents, 

Please click here to view

Thank you.

Highlights/ Updates
19-Feb-2021 (Fri)
6th National Primary School "Picture Book Creation" Competition 2020

 This is an annual competition organized by Nan Hua Primary School. It aims to provide students with an opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers to express their creativity and create their own picture book.

Two Bronze Awards and one Best Story Award

The students exhibited self-directed learning and responsibility by engaging on online learning and training during the Circuit Breaker period. Their perseverance and aim for excellence spirit has led them to clinch two Bronze Awards and one Best Story Award in the competition.

Click here for further details.

16-Feb-2021 (Tue)
National Level Tamil Quiz competition, Vasantham Super Kids

We are delighted to share that five of our Primary 5 students (Sivababu Deeptika, 5A, Govindaraj Nikithaa 5A, Rajakumar Rahini 5A, Gundre Daivik Reddy 5A and Kumar Naavalan 5P) participated in a national level Tamil quiz competition, Vasantham Super Kids (கற்க கசடற) organised by MediaCorp Vasantham in December 2020 and have done our school proud by emerging as 1st Runner-up in this competition.

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23-Jan-2021 (Sat)
Sustainable South West Award
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
On Saturday (23 Jan 2021), Mrs Liang received the Sustainable South West Award from Grace Fu and Low Yen Ling, for Dazhong's Environmental efforts. The Award recognises corporate and community organisations’ efforts towards environmental sustainability, and Dazhong is one of the two schools to receive it!
At the ceremony, a video was also shown about where the items we put in the blue recycling bin goes, which has to eventually be sorted out by workers. Let's show the value of responsibility as we put only the correct recyclables into the blue bins, and graciousness to wash dirty items like bottles so the workers have a more hygienic environment.
Watch the full ceremony at (https://fb.watch/3dOaOzCNNW/)


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