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P1 Start Right!

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Children experience a myriad of changes when they enter Primary 1. To ease the transition from pre-school to primary school, Dazhong Primary School has started a P1 Transition Programme for all Primary 1 pupils.

The 4-week START RIGHT! DZPS P1 Transition Programme aims to: 
1) Help students love school and be familiar with the school environment 
    and expectations;
2) Help students experience success and become competent as learners; and
3) Involve parents and families in supporting children through this transition.

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Preparing for Primary 1

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1) Preparing for Class

Packing my School Bag.png Good Morning Song.png Silent Reading.png School Rules and Attire.png

2) Canteen Etiquette

Keeping the Environment Clean.png Personal Hygiene.png Queuing Up.png

3) Moving Around in School

Walking Safely.png Taking Care of my Belongings.png