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Learning for Life Programme: AEP

DZPS Junior Orchestra featured by NCS


We strongly believe in the importance of developing every child holistically.  The arts education not only plays an important role in contributing to the development of the whole being but is also an invaluable vehicle through which character and competencies can be developed


The Arts Education Programme (AEP@Dazhong) which comprises four strands - choral singing, drama, visual arts and dance - seeks to develop the 21st century competencies through the driving
 of the C2015 outcomes. The school adopted Howard Gardner’s ‘Five Minds for the Future’ to drive the C2015 outcomes in AEP@Dazhong. 

Pupils will be exposed to the different art forms during their six years of primary education, with increasing level of mastery till Primary Six. At the end of Primary Six, a typical Dazhong pupil will appreciate the aesthetics and be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to further develop their interests in the various fields of arts. He or she will also become an effective team player who is resilient. 

To provide an additional platform to ensure the development of the minds, the school aligns the project work and literature programme to the arts education programme.  Every Primary 3 to Primary 5/6 pupil will undertake a project which will require them to create a performance item which will provide them the opportunity to synthesise their learning in the four strands as well as the literature text they read at their respective level. Throughout the entire process, the pupils are exposed to the work of different artistes, work as a team,  learn to use the information in a responsible manner, thereby developing them to be respectful and ethical individuals.

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Arts Education Programme Framework

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