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Environmental Education

Dazhong Primary School is a Gold Award Green School @ South West since 2016, which believes in impressing on our students the importance of showing care and concern for the Environment. We believe in doing this through engaging and hands-on activities, where students are aware of the Environment both in- and out-side of school through activities and learning journeys, and have the opportunity to take action to make the Environment a better place.

Dazhong as a Green School @ South West

        Focuses on training and empowering students to take leadership and ownership in caring for the environment.

        Students lead and organise environmental-themed activities in schools and within communities for a cleaner & greener environment

Activities which engage our students for cleaner and greener environment

        Assembly skit and morning talks to discuss current environmental issues in Singapore such as waste reduction.

        Environmental tours to expose students to different environmental projects currently ongoing in Singapore; two examples include:

(1)  Guided tour at the NEWater Visitor Centre where the students are introduced to the process behind production of NEWater, and the basics of natural filtration through the rain garden workshop.

(2)  Environmental tour at Siloso Beach Resort where students are exposed to preserving biodiversity, use of natural closed-loop cycles, vertical farming, and recycling food waste through an earthworm nursery.



        Buddy Cleaning project and Litter picking

            Primary 3 students learn about shared ownership and the responsibility keeping the school Environment clean, starting by cleaning the common spaces in school. This also helps students to develop a sense of empathy and respect for the cleaners by writing appreciation cards for them after experiencing what they go through every day.

           Scouts take this further, by bringing it beyond the school walls into the community, as of their Values in Action project. 


        “Dengue mobster” house visits

             Selected students conduct house visits in the neighbourhood to educate residents about the prevention of Dengue by introducing 5 steps to get rid of stagnant water. During this house visits, students also distribute Mozzie wipeout booklets provided by NEA to each household which includes further information to fight against dengue (in 3 different languages). 


        Waste to Games

Starting this year (2019), Scouts and Brownies raised awareness of waste and recycling, by using recycled materials to create game stations for their CCA carnival. This encourages students to reuse their waste and turn them into something creative and purposeful.


        Junior Environment Ambassador training camp

National Environmental Agency (NEA) trains 10 student-leaders every year to lead and manage environmental activities in Dazhong.

        Design for Change Workshops

As part of the United Nation’s initiative to achieve the global goals for sustainable development, student leaders in Dazhong participate in the Design for Change series of workshops. Student leaders are brought through the design thinking process to develop the mindset of a design-thinker, and practice various skills required to solve problems in real-world contexts through empathy building and creative idea generation.

        Plastic bottle recycling

During recess, student leaders guide other students to deposit the plastic bottles at the designated recycling bin in the canteen. A recycling company then picks up the recycled plastic bottles on a weekly basis.

        Earth Day Games

During Earth Day, student leaders play the role of station masters to share knowledge of energy- and water-conservation, and climate change by involving other students in themed-games on the topics.