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Appreciation Time @ DZ


Appreciation Time @ Dazhong is the school’s very own unique Gratitude programme. It is based on the tenets of Positive Education – the Flourish Model, a model made famous by the very successful Geelong Grammar School from Australia.


The programme seeks to give the whole school, both students and teachers, platforms to showcase the school values (IREAP) and also to encourage them to be gracious towards one another.





Throughout the year, several activities done as part of the Appreciation Time @ DZPS programme.

Weekly Gratitude Log Writing:

Every week, students are encouraged to write about good things that they are thankful for in the Weekly Gratitude Log segment of their Student Handbooks. Well-written entries are then selected by their teachers to be showcased for the whole school to see. 


Appreciation Week:

Appreciation Weeks take place during the International Friendship Week (Term 2) and Children’s Day (Term 4). Tying in to the over-arching messages of International Friendship Week and Children’s Day, students will write Appreciation Cards to their peers both international and local. They even wrote their own Appreciation Cards to their teachers and staff of DZPS!


Character Strengths Class Activity:

In DZPS, we believe everyone has great potential to do good and be good. Everyone is unique with their own special strengths. During this class activity, conducted at the end of each Semester, students took the time to reflect on their friendships with their classmates and then write down the character strengths of their peers, thereby affirming them of their good character. This activity was also extended to the teachers of Dazhong!