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School Information & Letters

6 Jan 2020Start of Termly Letter 1_2020.pdf 
12th March 2020End of Term 1 cum Start of Term 2 Letter 2020.pdf 
23rd March 2020 SchoolLetter2020_SocialResponsibility.pdf  
31st March 2020  Parents Letter_310320_HBL vetted_updated.pdf 
 3rd April 2020 Home-based Learning And Cancellation of School-based activities April 2020.pdf 
 6th April 2020 Home-Based Learning_6 Apr 2020_updated.pdf 
 15th April 2020 Full Home Based Learning_ Term 2 Week 4.pdf 
22nd April 2020  Parents Letter_150420_HBL_Term 2 Week 5_220420 updated.pdf
 29th April 2020 Full Home Based Learning_HBL_Week6andSchoolHolidays_5thMayto1June2020.pdf 
 26th May 2020 Letter to Parents on Arrangement of schools after Circuit Breaker_26052020.pdf
 5th June 2020 Term 3 letter to parents _5 Jun 2020.pdf 
26th June 2020 Refund of Co-Payment for 2020 School Programmes _26 Jun 2020_upload on Website.pdf  
1st July 2020 School Ops on 9 & 10 Jul 2020 due to Polling Day_ 1 July 2020.pdf 

2020 P1 Orientation - For School Website.pptx 
2020 CALENDAR TERM 3 - Student (FINAL).pdf 
Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Back to School (Updated-final).pdf 
HBL Toolkit 2020.pdf 
1. P4 PES YH Talk_Updated_2 April.pptx 
2020 Inspiring_English_Award_Nomination Form_PDF.pdf 
List of Suggested Merchants_Redemption of Meal eVouchers for MOE FAS Students.pdf 
Guide on Redemption Process for eVouchers at AVM_For MOE FAS recipients.pdf 

Travel Declaration Form
Travel Declaration Form for DZPS Students.pdf 

PSLE Examination Timetable
2020 PSLE Dates are as follows:

Oral Examinations :Thu, 13 Aug – Fri, 14 Aug

Listening Comprehension: Fri, 18 Sep

Written Examinations: Thu, 1 Oct – Wed, 7 Oct

Marking Exercise: Mon, 19 Oct – Thu, 22 Oct

Homework Policy

Parents-Teachers Dialogue Session
Click here to view (enlarged) Conversation Starters for parents.

2019 PSLE Examination Timetable

Click here. The make-up oral examination is scheduled on 03 September 2019.

HongKah Newsletter

Dazhong was featured in Hongkah Newsletter. 
Click below to view.

Homework Policy

Parents Engagement

Book List 2019

DZPS Booklist 2019.pdf


Start of Term 1 Letter to Parent_4 Jan 2018.pdf
End of Term 1 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf
Start of Term 2 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf
End of T2 2018 Letter to parent.pdf
Start of Term 3 Letter 2018_29 Jun 2018.pdf
Annex C_DZPS_TERM 3_2018.pdf
End of Term 3 Letter 2018 (30 Aug 2018).pdf
DZPS_TERM 4_Student Calendar.pdf
End of Term 4 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf