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School Information & Letters

Parents-Teachers Dialogue Session
Click here to view (enlarged) Conversation Starters for parents.


2019 PSLE Examination Timetable

Click here. The make-up oral examination is scheduled on 03 September 2019.

HongKah Newsletter

Dazhong was featured in Hongkah Newsletter. 
Click below to view.

Homework Policy

Parents Engagement

Useful Forms

School Booklist 2019 / 2020

DZPS Booklist 2019.pdf

MC Online Guide

For guide on using the MC Online Portal, click here.

Introduction to MC Online Portal (Pri Levels).png


Start of Term 1 Letter to Parent_4 Jan 2018.pdf
End of Term 1 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf
Start of Term 2 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf
End of T2 2018 Letter to parent.pdf
Start of Term 3 Letter 2018_29 Jun 2018.pdf
Annex C_DZPS_TERM 3_2018.pdf
End of Term 3 Letter 2018 (30 Aug 2018).pdf
DZPS_TERM 4_Student Calendar.pdf
End of Term 4 2018 Letter to Parents.pdf