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Parents Gateway

Dear Parents / Guardians,

MOE’s Parents Gateway Maintenance Period



Also take note: 

Any update made in School Cockpit will be reflected in Parents Gateway on the next working day.

MOE’s Parents Gateway Mobile App

MOE has developed a Parents Gateway Mobile App to replace hardcopy letters sent to parents through their children. From Term 3 of 2019, we will send notifications to parents through MOE’s Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App. The free app will bring several benefits, including

  • Providing parents with timely information about school events (eg, enrichment and CCA activities)
  • Enabling parents to perform a range of functions e.g. giving consent for school trips, travel declaration,  update on change in particulars etc.
  • Reducing usage of paper and decreasing environmental impact 
  • If you have two or more children and they are in different schools, you will be able to receive notifications and perform a range of functions for all your children on the same PG App. 

We invite you to download the free Parents Gateway mobile app onto your mobile phone. 
We advise that BOTH parents should download the PG App so that both parents will receive notifications for your children.

To log into Parents Gateway, you will need: Singpass.

Parents who do not have Singpass

If you do not have Singpass, you can register for one.

Click here to register your singpass.

Instructions for downloading the mobile app (Annex A)

Click on pdf file link below as it provides instructions for downloading the mobile app(available on IOS and Android platforms only) and performing a one-time account registration.

Annex A_PG.pdf 

Parents Gateway Onboarding video for Parents