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DZ Alumni


  • To develop a dedicated and dynamic alumni community whose members take pride to lead, inspire and develop the current and future generation of Dazhong towards their dreams.


  • To build and strengthen a life-long relationship between the school and its alumni so as to build traditions, foster student and alumni stewardship and serving the needs of school and community.


Renew Relationships
  • To promote loyalty and love for the School, fostering a sense of belonging and comradeship amongst former students and staff.
Reconnect with Others
  • To serve as a link for former students and staff to perpetuate friendships formed at School through organised sports, social and cultural activities. 

  • To work in tandem with students and staff to build a vibrant community to support and achieve the alumni’s vision and mission.

Rediscover Ways to Contribute
  • To seek opportunities to collaborate with and/or support the school to provide a holistic education for the students and achieve its education objectives and outcomes.

  • To assist the School by leveraging experience and expertise of members of the Alumni.

  • To provide recognition and welfare to the School and its staff, and students through means of scholarships, prizes and financial assistance.

Dear Dazhong Alumni, 
Your journey at Dazhong does not end after you have graduated.   
The school is delighted to provide the following platforms to connect you with your alma mater:

(1) Dazhong Rediscovery 

Re-discover Dazhong through the 360 degree virtual tour of the school campus! 

Dazhong has transformed with time to nurture future-ready students.  Over the years, Dazhong has scaled greater peaks of excellence. We hope the virtual tour will bring back fond memories of your schooldays and showcase how Dazhong has transformed with time. 

Please click on the link below: 


(2) Dazhong Stories – Share Your Fond Memories of Dazhong 

There are many joyful memories of Dazhong which you would have as you walk down the memory lane and we want to hear from you! 

Share with us your interesting stories or experiences in Dazhong and how Dazhong has inspired you to be whom you are today. Your sharing will inspire and encourage our students and staff to etch on the rich legacy that our Alumni like you has fostered over the years. 

Together as a Dazhong family, let’s continue to preserve our rich and proud history and heritage!

How to share your Dazhong Memories via Padlet?

You may share on:

      • What was the profound impact of Dazhong teachers in your life? What did the teachers do to motivate you to do well or overcome challenges which you faced at school? How did they help to discover your interest or foundation for secondary school?
      • What lifelong friendships/relationships have you built in Dazhong? Give details.
      • How did the school prepare you for secondary school and beyond? What are some character traits or values you still hold on till today?
      • Were you at Dazhong during a historical moment? Eg, merger of Hong Kah Pri and Dazhong, Anniversary Celebrations, etc.
      • Can you trace your career path back to a defining moment at your alma mater?

(3) Alumni Club – Sign up as a member now!

Calling out all ex-students of Dazhong! Sign up as an Alumni member and be the first to be invited to participate in the various upcoming activities for the Alumni Club. We are always looking for volunteer involvement, financial support, and willingness to network and assist fellow alumni. If you are keen to register as an alumni member, please complete the e-application form by clicking on the appropriate link below.

AlumniE-Application FormQR Code
Dazhong Alumni
(Above 21 years old)
Dazhong Associate Alumni
(Below 21 years old)