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Programme for Active Learning

PAL seeks to nurture the whole child and broaden the primary school foundation with more emphasis on non-academic programmes for all Primary 1 and 2 pupils. The various activities in the programme aim to develop pupils in the 3Cs: Curiosity, Confidence and Cooperation.

There are 4 modules in PAL, namely: Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts and Performing arts.

PAL provides pupils with meaningful engagement through experiential learning in a non-judgemental and authentic environment. The lesson provides pupils with the time and space to explore and creatively apply some of the skills, concepts and ideas to a new situation resulting in them making new self-discoveries. The space and time provided for the activities also ensures that pupils learn in a fun and enjoyable way. School values and social-emotional learning competencies are also incorporated into the lessons to further reinforce their importance in nurturing the whole child.  

The school has implemented 4 PAL modules for each level as shown in the table below.