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Art Caricature Challenge 2018

The Caricature Challenge was a post-assembly worksheet after the Caricature Assembly. An Art Assembly Programme on Live Caricatures was conducted for the whole school on Term 2 Week 9, 18 May 2018. As the P2 and P3 students were involved in their AEP recitals that day, a separate Caricature Assembly was conducted by our Art teachers in Term 3 Week 2, 6 July 2018.

This challenge was opened to Dazhong students of all levels - Primary One to Six. Students received the worksheet from their Art Teacher in Term 3. In the challenge, a random line was given and our students were to gather inspiration from the doodles, cartooning and caricature techniques from the video shown during the assembly. They were given about a week to complete their design in school or at home. The best 3 pieces per level have been selected by our Art teachers and will be awarded prizes.

Click  Below to view our 18 winners with their creative masterpieces! 

Art_Caricature Challenge_Winners.pdf