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Affirmation Day (Term 1 2018)

On the last day of the school term, 9th March 2018, our school had our termly Affirmation Day. 
During the Affirmation Day, students and teachers were recognised for their acheivements and they had their
“one minute of fame” as they received their awards in front of the entire school. 

The awards given out during Term 1 Affirmation Day were:

For Students  
- P6 Resilience Award 
- Cyberwellness Poster Design Award
- Puan Noor Aishah Award (Gold)
- Brownies West Division Competitions Awards
- National Chinese Calligraphy Award (1st Place) 

For Teachers
- MOE Service Excellence Awards 

Through the Affirmation Days, our awardees are recognised in their pursue for excellence and serve as an inspiration to all of us to strive ever forward.