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Term 1

P3 VIA: Pots of Care (Caring Buddies)

The main aim of this P3 Pots of Care: Caring Buddies programme is to develop a sense of responsibility 

in our P3 students as they help and guide the P1-students so that they can adapt better and faster into the new school environment

 The 1-week ‘Caring Buddies’ programme is developed with the following CCE Learning Outcomes in mind: 

  1. Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness
  2. Apply moral reasoning, display responsibility in decision-making, and demonstrate integrity to stand by moral principles and shared values
  3. Develop social awareness and demonstrate interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships
  4. Demonstrate resilience in the face of individual, community and national challenges, and develop the ability to turn challenges to opportunities

P3 VIA: Pots of Care (Caring Buddies)
Lunar New Year Celebration 2017 @ Dazhong
Lunar New Year was celebrated on Friday, 27 January. The objective of the celebration is to enhance students' awareness of traditional values and cultural practices related to Lunar New Year and to usher in the lunar year with great festive joy with other races.

Through sharing the Chinese culture and traditions with other ethnic groups, we can reinforce the NE message on upholding racial and religious harmony, promote school values of Responsibility, Acceptance and Excellence in our Dazhong students.

  • Increase the level of fun and joy during the celebration
  • Encourage our students to think and accept others' opinion with respect
  • Create a more creative and cooperative environment in our school.

Artwork of Rooster

Our P1 and P2 pupils collaborated with MK pupils in doing the artwork as a group and then paste it on the A3 drawing paper. The pictures will be displayed in the school campus after LNY celebration.


Classroom Decoration Competition (P3-P6)

Pupils decorated their classrooms using recycled materials such as used red packet, magazines, used lanterns etc. Use of recycled materials to decorate their classrooms will enable students to promote environmental friendly practices.

Some of the PSG members rendered help in decorating some of the classrooms. The other PSG members were also invited to become the judges for the classroom decorations competition.




P5 Classrooms



P6 Classrooms