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We believe that human movement develops pupils' maximum physical potential and their related social, emotional, and intellectual growth. As such, every pupil gets to participate in a variety of sports and outdoor camping activities. 

Overview of PE Programme

The school’s PE programme seeks to develop pupils into a physically educated child with a love for sports and the outdoors. By this, we hope pupils will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to learning skills related to Athletics, Health & Fitness, Sports, Educational Gymnastics and Dance in the PE curriculum, pupils also get to participate in a variety of activities under the “Opportunities For All” Programmes.  



Key Programmes:

The department organises a variety of programmes as part of our efforts to inculcate in pupils values and a love for sports and the outdoors. Through these programmes, we also seek to develop in pupils character through reinforcing the school core values.

Sports Education Programme (SEP)
The SEP, from which pupils get to learn new skills, is organised for all levels to encourage pupils to participate in sporting activities in and outside school.

Primary 1: Athletics
Primary 2: In-line Skating
Primary 3: Floorball
Primary 4: Rock-Climbing
Primary 5: Ultimate Frisbee
Primary 6: Kayaking


Ultimate Frisbee


SwimSafer Programme
The SwimSafer Programme is organised for Primary 3 non-swimmers to equip them with another important life skill. Pupils will undergo 8 weeks of swimming lessons where they will be taught water safety and water survival skills. 

SwimSafer Programme

Outdoor Education Programme
Every pupil has the opportunity to learn and experience outdoor education. At the different levels, different aspects of the social-emotional competencies and school values are reinforced.

Primary 1: PAL (Outdoor Education)
Primary 2: PAL (Outdoor Education)
Primary 3: 1-Day Outdoor Education Camp (School)

Primary 4: 2D/1N Outdoor Education Camp (School)

Primary 5: 3D/2N Outdoor Adventure Camp (MOE Adventure Centre) / Dragon-boating

Primary 6: 2D/1N Outdoor Adventure Camp (Offshore)

Sports Day
The Inter-House Lower Primary Sports Day and Upper Primary Sports Day/Carnival are organised to provide every pupil an opportunity to compete in sporting activity.

Inter-Class Games Competition
The Inter-Class games competition is held at the end of each term to provide all pupils with another platform to compete and apply what they have learnt from the physical education lessons.

Dazhong Sports Challenge
This Inter-House event is held once each term. Every pupil will have an opportunity to compete which is carried out at 3 levels: Intra-Class, Inter-Class and Intra-School. Fundamental skills are tested in the challenges which enable pupils of all levels to participate.
Weekly Sports & Health updates
A weekly sports and health update (power-point slides/videos) is provided to develop in pupils a greater awareness and interest in the two areas. 

Health Education


A health-promoting school


To instill healthy behaviours through holistic health programmes that will enhance pupils’ quality of life 


In Dazhong, we believe strongly that health is the essential building block towards enhancing the quality of life of individuals.

Physical Health
  • Pupils will be engaged in more out-door physical activities and also cultivate healthy-eating habits.
  • Pupils will be given opportunities to practise good personal hygiene and adopt oral and vision care strategies.

Social and Mental Health
  • Pupils will be provided with platforms to develop positive self-esteem and be taught social skills that are needed for interaction among themselves.
  • Pupils will be equipped with strategies that will enable them to learn to be resilient and be able to cope with daily challenges.

Key Programmes

Our Health Education Department aims to empower our pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to take care of their health and the health of others, including their environment.  The pupils are taught how to practise good health habits and exhibit socially responsible behaviour.

Pupils will be engaged in a variety of learning experiences through heath activities, assembly talks, project work, health-related competitions and the various health promotion programmes to learn how to take care of others and themselves.

Below are some of our health initiatives:


Our pupils will be able to:

Physical Health
1. Learn that good health habits will contribute to healthy growth and development of the body, e.g. practising good nutrition, hygiene and through regular exercise;

2. Exhibit good health habits in their daily lives;

Mental Health
3. Use social skills for effective interaction among themselves (.e.g to build friendship and resolve conflicts)

Physical Health Promotion

CNB Anti-Drug Ambassador Programme 
All Primary Four and Five pupils will participate in this programme which aims to promote a greater understanding of the dangers of drug abuse and encourage peer sharing among our pupils. This also serves to strengthen the level of involvement between parents and teachers.

We are Active School Programme
The programme serves to increase the level of physical activity participation among pupils through classroom lessons and recess activities.

Health Exhibitions

Through these exhibitions, pupils learn how to make healthier choices for their diet. They learn about the importance of nutrition and healthy-eating from participating in the health-promotion activities.

Oral Health Promotion

Oral Health Programme
The school dental programme aims to improve the oral health of our pupils. For example, the school’s dental nurse conducts dental talks and demonstrates tooth-brushing techniques for all Primary One and Five pupils.

All Primary Three pupils will have the chance to participate in the Dental Plaque Prevention Programme.

All Primary Five pupils will also participate in the Periodontal Programme.

Social and Mental Health Promotion

“STAR Factor” Skit
The assembly programme serves to equip pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage stress.

Other Health Programmes

Annual Health Screening
The School Health Service team conducts health screening exercise for all our pupils annually and checks on the physical growth and development of all pupils.