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The Brownies 1st Pack consists of 35 Brownies and 12 Tweenies (P3-P5). Our pack meetings are held every Tuesdays from 7.40am to 9.40am

The Brownies participate in indoor and outdoor activities that challenge them. They learn through both working as an individual and as an active team member.

Badges are awarded to Brownies who complete the tasks listed in the Badge test-work from the Singapore Girl Guides Association. In addition, pupils also participate in special activities and events throughout the year such as World Thinking Day, National Revel, West Division Day, and the Annual Fundraising Cookies Sales Project.


Puan Noor Aishah Award (PNA)

Our Brownies (Dazhong Primary 1st Pack) have been awarded the Puan Noor Aishah Award (Gold) for their achievements in 2018.

The PNA Award is presented annually to outstanding packs that have successfully fulfilled the criteria set by Girl Guides Singapore. These include participation in division and national activities and competition, community involvement and the attainment of Proficiency Badges.

World Thinking Day (WTD) Carnival  2019

Dazhong Brownies joined forces with De La Salle Brownies to set up a Pokemon-themed bowling stall in the WTD carnival. The stall comprised of plastic bottles, reused balls, cardboard pieces and uncooked rice to make the stall as environmentally-friendly as possible. The Brownies were assigned specific tasks before and during the carnival which they had to be responsible over. During the carnival, each school manned the game stall for 4 hours and did their best to drum up the sales by persuading carnival-goers and walking around advertising the game stall. This event also gave them the opportunity to showcase and practice their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Kudos to the Brownies.






World Thinking Day Dance Competition 2019 (Girl Got talent-Champion)

Besides setting up the game stall, three Brownies took part in ‘Girls Got Talent Finals’ and they came in first place based on the public votes. They had to juggle both school work and dance practice sessions. They also came up with the dance on their own.

They were self-directed and exhibited both responsibility and excellence.