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Thank you for your interest in applying to be an alumni member. As a former student, you are a valued member of the Dazhong family! We are proud of the accomplishments of all our alumni, and prouder of the strong conviction that so many of our alumni continue to have with our alma mater. 

 We extend an open invitation to our events! We are always looking for volunteer involvement, financial support, and willingness to network and assist fellow alumni. If you are keen to register as an alumni member, please fill in the Membership Application Form by clicking here


 Alternatively, you can also fill up the e-application form by clicking on the appropriate link below.



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DZ Alumni

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The objectives of the DZPS Alumni  Committee are:

to promote loyalty and love for the School, fostering a sense of belonging and comradeship                     amongst former students and staff.  

to provide recognition and welfare to the School and its staff, and students through means of                 scholarships, prizes and financial assistance.

to serve as a link for former students and staff to perpetuate friendships formed at School                          through organised sports, social and cultural activities. 

to provide support to the School to achieve its education objectives and outcomes.  

          The Alumni  shall not criticize nor bring pressure to bear nor gather feedback from Members 
          or third parties nor interfere in anyway whatsoever, the operation of the School and School                      policies.

To assist the School by leveraging experience and expertise of members of the Alumni.