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Green Awards

On Saturday (23 Jan), Mrs Liang received the Sustainable South West Award from Grace Fu and Low Yen Ling, for Dazhong's Environmental efforts. The Award recognises corporate and community organisations’ efforts towards environmental sustainability, and Dazhong is one of the two schools to receive it!
At the ceremony, a video was also shown about where the items we put in the blue recycling bin goes, which has to eventually be sorted out by workers. Let's show the value of responsibility as we put only the correct recyclables into the blue bins, and graciousness to wash dirty items like bottles so the workers have a more hygienic environment.

Watch the full ceremony at (https://fb.watch/3dOaOzCNNW/)
  • Green Awards: Sustainable South West Award
  • Green Schools @ South West Sustained Achievement Award for the year 2020
  • 5 Year Environmental Champion Award (attained 5 Gold awards in total since 2016

140728319_1648711895309811_8677564254406572874_n.jpg 2021 Academic Achievements We celebrate the academic achievements of the following students:
 1RGS-Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Bursary (Awarded in end 2020)
Chong Kaitlyn (6A)
 2 Abbott Young Scientist Award 2021
Lim Hao Jun Ayden (4A)
 3Vasantham Super Kids (கற்க கசடற) (National Level Tamil Quiz Competition) - 1st Runner Up
Sivababu Deeptika (5A); Govindaraj Nikithaa (5A); Rajakumar Rahini (5A); Gundre Daivik Reddy (5A); Kumar Naavalan (5P)
We are delighted to share that five of our Primary 5 students participated in a national level Tamil quiz competition, Vasantham Super Kids (கற்க கசடற) organised by MediaCorp Vasantham in December 2020 and have done our school proud by emerging as 1st Runner-up in this competition.
This is an informative reality show based Quiz which aims to be an all-round development for the children. There were variety of rounds in the show and the level of difficulty increased as the game progressed. The Quiz show featured 5 students from 2 schools in each episode to complete through a series of questions covering Science, Maths, General Knowledge, Tamil and others.
During this competition, our students have put in concerted effort to overcome challenges with strong perseverance. They displayed self-directed learning and our school values. Vasantham Super Kids was premiered from 6th February, every Saturday at 9am on Vasantham Channel and mewatch (https://www.mewatch.sg/.../Karkka-Kasadara-(Vasantham...). Do catch the episodes.
 4 National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2021 organized by Hong Wen School - 1st Prize
 Ju Yuxuan (6A)
 52021 Raffles Scholarship  
Aaryan Reza Bin Norhisham (6A), Ong Herr You (5A), Tan Ze Zun (Zeng Zijun) (5A) 
 6  Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools - Bronze Award 
 7Ong Jia Hao (6A), Shi Yi Fan (6A)  
 8Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools— Certificate of Participation
Ashlyn Lai Siling (6A), Bireddi Hanshika (6A), Soh Yarapa (6A), Liu Shengda (6P), Wang Shixuan (6P), Govindaraj Nikithaa (5A), Khon Wathan (5A), Lai Jia En Alicia (5A), Liu Qi Heng (5A), Liu Yiyang (5A), Sofia Binte Saharudin (5A), Tan Inn Ru (5A), Willa Lim (5A), Yoon Eunseoh (5A), Chung Sunho (5A), Gundre Daivik Reddy (5A), Hwang Insung (5A), Javan Teh Zhe Zhong (5A), Chloe Liu Xin Yi (5P), Richita Panda (5P), Lacerna Jairus Gabriel Valdez (5P)
 9 Civica Singapore 2020 Tales of 'S' eBook Competition—
Young Writer’s Award (Published Short Stories)  
 Maniarasan Madhuvadhani (6I 2020),  Mumar (6I 2020)  
  Civica Singapore 2020 Tales of 'S' eBook Competition—Published Illustrations
 Muhammad Haziq Rifqi Bin Anizzam (6E) 
Soh Yarapa (6A)  
6th National Primary School "Picture Book Creation" Competition 2020—
Bronze Award (Group 1 and Group 2)  
Karis Goh (6R 2020), Chong Kaitlyn (6A), Hee Kit Kei (6A), Ju Yuxuan (6A), Shi Yifan (6A), Wong Ying Kee (6A), Charmaine Tok Ke Ying (6P), Chen Jia Jun (6P), Wang Shi Xuan (6P), Emelia Soh (5A)
  6th National Primary School "Picture Book Creation" Competition 2020—
Best Story Award (Group 3)  

Tong Cheng Han, Donna (6R 2020), Scarlett Wan Ying (6A), Soh Yarapa (6A), Ong Yu Yan (6P) Lai Jia En Alicia (5A)  




2021 Co-curricular Achievements

Congratulations to our students for achieving excellence in their co-curricular pursuits!

 1Voices of Singapore Children's Choir
 Yazh Bharathi (4E) Accepted in January intake 2021 
 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021— Certificate of Recognition (Category A and Category B)
Chew Xin Yu (2P), Glenys Fong Ji Tong (2P) Grace Jade Teo (2E), Soon Kai Lin (2E),

Sai Sachinkumar Santhosh (2P), Marc Josiah Tjoa (2G), Yoong En Yun Jeslene  (2G)

Rainie Goh Yee Shan (4I), Thaddeus Wan Zhe (4I), Lim Hao Jun Ayden (4A),Niko Ashlee Chaw Binte Mohammad Faizal (3E), Jenelyn Soh Yi Xin (3E), Wang Qiaoran (3A)

2Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021—Certificate of Participation (Category C)
Aryaa Della Binte Moch Ridzwandi (6R), Danish Anaqi Zikry Bin Zainal (6R), Jimenez Daniella Baldos (6A), Charmaine Tok Ke Ying (6P), Cheyenne Ho Xin En (6P), Ong Yu Yan (6P), Wong Yu Le Skyler (6P), Delos Reyes Christina Serame (5A), Khon Wathan (5A), Tan Tze Zun (5A)
 3 CCA Brownies - West Division Day Competition 2021 (WDD 2021)

 (a)        Get Creative with TikTok: Silver Award

 (b)        Caption the Moment: Silver Award

 Siti Najwa Syuhada Binte Suhaimi (6I), Nur Haziqah Binte Mohamad Nezam (6R), Dania Iman Binte Noor Iskandar (6P), Is'na Qisreisya (6P), Lau En Tong (5A), Fellah Keysha Binte Mohamed Rizal (4I), Amber Loh Zhiqi (4P), Fatiha Tasnim (3A), Liu Jia Jun (3G), Nur Dafinah Aliyah Binte Muhammad Ariff (3G)

 (a) 2021 N Cube National Chinese Calligraphy Competition (N³ NCCC)—Primary School Group, First Prize (Pen Calligraphy Category)

(b) 2021 32nd National Student's Chinese Calligraphy Competition—Primary School Group, First Prize

  Ju Yuxuan (6A) 
The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) Capital Group Talent Award 2021
  Muhammad Hakeemi Bin Razeki (6E) 
National Schools Wushu Championship
Ju Yuxuan (6A) (1st International Cudget—5th Position)
Wong Xiao Dan (6R), Huynh Nghieudan, Jessica (6R) (1st International Nan Gun—8th position)
Participation: Goh Yu Ze (6A), Royce Lim (6A), Cheng Keng Win (6P), Toh Chi Rui (6P), Xavier Eng Jun Chen (6P)
Chinese Street Dance Competition 2021 (April 2021)—
Finalist and Certificate of Participation
Fang Xiyuan (6A),  Tyara Mysarah Binte Aziz (6A), Yee Hui Wen (6A), Natasha Chean (6P), Willa Lim (5A), Yoon Eunseoh (5A), Ciochina Iuliana (5P), Huang Xueqi (4I), Hsu Mon Naing (4A), Boo Wen Qi (4P)
 World Water Day 2021 Poster Making Competition—
Certificate of Participation
Alexis Chong Hui Xuan (4I), Dawne Yeo Yu Han (4I),  Liew Qiu Xiang (4I), Lim Rui En (4I), Rainie Goh Yee Shan (4I), Rowe Asha Widyarani (4I)
Singapore Olympic Foundation -
Peter Lim Scholarship 2021 (Encouragement Awards)
Darrenes (6R; Badminton),
Nur Ain Binte Salleh (5R; Netball),
Nur Erina Felisha Binte Roy Azmi (5R; Netball),
Nur Fatini Asyirah Binte Abdullah (5R; Netball),
Goh Zhi Hao (5A; Wushu),
Qysz Adreanna Binte Abdullah (5P; Netball),
Muhammad Ukasyah Bin Nazirin (4R; Badminton)

Staff Recognition

We congratulate the following staff on their new appointments as leaders  in the fraternity, and appreciate their spirit of excellence and leadership in contributing  to the education fraternity:

NoName of OfficerNew Appointment
1Mr Wu ZongbingHead of Department for Student Management

NoAppreciation for Staff Contribution
1Recognition of Active Members on Singapore Learning Designers Circle (SgLDC) in 2020
  • Designer Badge:
    Ms Chang Mei Shan; Mrs Marip Emily; Mr Muhammad Haziq; Mr Ho Kok Soon; Mr Jacob        Seet; Ms Michelle Choo; Ms Muzfirah Aida; Ms Raywathi; Mrs Sharon Soh Sim; Ms                Tashalini; Mr Wu Zongbing; Mdm Zhong Dan
  • Connector Badge:
    Ms Tan Grace; Mdm Sun I-Feng; Mr Ho Kok Soon
  • Curator Badge:
    Mr Ho Kok Soon
2iMTL Networked Learning Communities Professional Sharing e-Symposium 2020
    Certificate of Appreciation: Mdm Xie Shuang, Ms Hew Li Bin, Mdm Ng Boon Shuen,
    Mr Mohamed Bahari Rajab, Mdm Shoba Mohan
 MOE Long Service Award 2020
20 years
Miss Lim Ai Ying
Mdm Suriatie Bte Abdul Samat
15 years
Mr Kenny Chin Peng Kiew
Mdm Jan Lin Shihua
Mr Alan Koh Soon Liang
Mr Tamilmohan S/O Veerachamy
10 years
Mr Leong Wei Ming Caleb
Mdm Nuraishah Binte Jamal Abdul Nasir
Mdm Meena Kumaree D/O Sadasivam
Mdm Sun Ming Ming
Miss Ummu Salma Binte Hamaradeen
Mr Herman Bin Ponijo
Mr Wu Zongbing
Mdm Shoba D/O Mohan
5 Years
Mdm Wydre Kwek Wei Ting
Mdm He Jingwen
Mr Muhammad Haziq Bin Zailani
Miss Sabrina Binte Ismail
4Ten Year Long Service Award (Scouts)
Mr Chong Kiat Kiat
5Instructional Mentoring Programme (IMP) e-Certificate of Completion
Mr Wee Boon Nee, Mr Choy Yu Wai, Mdm Suriatie Samat, Ms Ummu Salma Hamaradeen
 6Teacher-Led Workshops (TLW)
The following teachers teachers were engaged in professional sharing for teachers in the fraternity through the facilitation of Teacher-led Workshops (TLW):
  • Mr Kenneth Wong Chee Kian, Ms Vinotheni Vatatheeswaran and Mdm Ong Xuan Wan: Techenabled Science Inquiry 
  • Mr Ho Kok Soon, Mrs Yap-Ong Shi Ting and Ms Emmeline Yu Minli: Gamification in Primary Mathematics 
  • Mdm Ng Boon Shuen, Ms Ting Ning Xin Jessie and Mdm Sun I-Feng: Acquire Words and Story Concept Through Game-Based Learning (CL)  
Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2021
The Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) is a biennial flagship conference hosted by the National Institute of Education. It aims to provide a global platform for researchers, educational leaders, practitioners, and policymakers to collectively generate creative solutions, and to actively exchange research and educational ideas and experiences between and across local, regional and international educational communities. ST 2 Empowering and Engaging Staff for Professional Excellence and Leadership 7 The research paper ‘MOOD Creation through the Arts’ written by Mrs Dawn Kuah (Subject Head/ Aesthetics) and Ms Chang Meishan (Senior Teacher/Art) has been selected and successfully published at NIE’s website. The published materials will be available via this website for a year: https://www.nie.edu.sg/redesigning-pedagogy-international-conference/symposiumworkshop-and-poster-presentations
 8STAR Champion Music Share Fair @ Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts (STAR)
Mrs Dawn Kuah (Subject Head/Aesthetics) represented school to share her Music Blended Learning Module package with Music STAR Champions from North, South, East and West Zones. We thank her for her contribution to the music fraternity
 96th National Primary School "Picture Book Creation" Competition 2020
Certificate of Appreciation for Teacher Facilitators Ms Chen Li Qin, Ms Lin Meiling,
Mdm Yap Lay Hong

NoName of OfficerNew Appointment
1Ms Uma VicnesvareSenior Teacher / English Language