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End 2020 & 2021 Achievements

 National level Tamil quiz competition, Vasantham Super Kids (கற்க கசடற) organised by MediaCorp Vasantham in December 2020 (1st Runner-up)
 Five of our Primary 5 students 

  Sivababu Deeptika, 5A, Govindaraj Nikithaa 5A, 
 Rajakumar Rahini 5A,    Gundre Daivik Reddy 5A 
 Kumar Naavalan 5P 

6th National Primary School “Picture Book Creation” Competition 2020

 This is an annual competition organized by Nan Hua Primary School. It aims to provide students with an opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers to express their creativity and create their own picture book.


Two Bronze Awards and one Best Story Award

 The students exhibited self-directed learning and responsibility by engaging on online learning and training during the Circuit Breaker period. Their perseverance and aim for excellence spirit has led them to clinch two Bronze Awards and one Best Story Award in the competition.




Students’ Reflection

(1) Soh Yarapa (6A)

We had been working hard for the competition. There were a lot of challenges to overcome. We worked together as one to get it done. We could not really meet up to do it together. We also had time constraint. Despite time constraints, we all put in our best effort to finish it on time. Everyone being self- directed by doing it at home and we communicated through Whatsapp group. Our teachers have guided us and helped us during the difficult time. We used padlet and google.doc to upload our pictures and to see the guidelines.

(2) Lai Jia En Alicia (5A)

Through this experience, I learnt to work together as a group and overcome all the obstacles we met. In order for the work to be submitted on time and done properly, we had to be responsible and complete it on time. We also had to remember to bring it to school to submit it and let another person colour. Throughout the entire experience, there was a lot of homework and we also had to revise for our exam. It was hard to balance both my academic and this. However, I learnt to manage time properly and as a result, I could do well in my studies and at the same time, finish the drawing on time.

(3) Emelia Soh (5A)

It was the exam period, but all of the students who took part in this comic competition were helping out. After the PSLE, P6 students also helped out. We all did separate work and had good cooperation. My partner drew and I coloured. We also discussed the things we do not know on Whatsapp.

(4) Hee Kit Kei (6A)

Even though, we were having our SA2, we tried to take out some time to complete it. We used Whatsapp to communicate better, teachers told us all the plan through Whatsapp, so we knew what we were supposed to do when we met. I think we did a great job.       

                                                                                                                                                                                    Dare To Create new Milestones!

Dazhong Dare to Scale New Heights!

2020 Co-curricular Achievements

Congratulations to our students for achieving excellence in their co-curricular pursuits!

No Event Achievement
1 Participation in Capital 95.8 FM Radio Programme
  Chin Xuan Ning (4R)  Neeharika Yemima (4E)
  Shi Yifan (5A)  Nicolette Arataki (5A)
2 Pre-World Thinking Day Competition - 2nd Place
  Yee Rou Xuan (6R)  Chloe Liu Xin Yi (4I) 
  Natalie Ng Wan Mun (4E)  Fellah Keysha Binte Mohamed Rizal (3I) 
 3rd National Huichun Calligraphy Competition - First Prize (Upper Primary)
   Ju Yuxuan (5A)  
 International Sheng Gong Culture Calligraphy Contest - Third Prize (Upper Primary)
   Ju Yuxuan (5A)  
 5 Chou Sing Chu 5th Annual Spring Festival Couplets Competition - 
Third Prize (Upper Primary)
  Ju Yuxuan (5A)   
 6 National Chinese Creative Reading Competition 2019 - Popular
Consolation Prize (Upper Primary)
  Ju Yuxuan (5A) 

2019 Curricular Announcement

Event Achievement
2019 Raffles Scholarship (Primary 5 - 6)
 Nur Faradila Binte Thahirudin (P6I)  
Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)- Gold SASMO- Silver 
Liao Yichen (5I)                           Goh Jun Le (5I) Htet Myat Htun (5I) 
Wu Dihui (5I)                               Jeong Wonho (5I)  
Nithush Saththikumar (5I)   
SASMO - Bronze  
Cavan Teh Kai Zhong (5I)           
Goh Yu Syuen (5I)
Huang Hancheng (5I) 
Chen Zeyu (5I)   
Ops Baca 2019 (Malay Language Competition) by Bukit Batok East CC
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.54.48.jpegWhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.54.47.jpeg
P5: 3rd position
Nur Irdina Binte Syafie (5I)
Muhammad Syakir Aniq Bin Sari Suria (5R)
Hannah Insyirah Binte Zamzuri (5E)
Andika Putra Bin Mohamed Fazlin (5A)
P3: 2nd position
Rezky Bin Imbran (3A)
Lydia Binte Imbran, (3A)

Destination Imagination Awards
Team T21: 4th Overall; 1st in Instant Challenge
Team Seekers: 5th Overall; 2nd in Instant Challenge
Chin Xuan Tien (6I)                                                    Aakash Ramakrishna (6I)
Choo Xin Yi (6I)                                                         Gao Huajun (6I)
Nur Faradila Binte Thahirudin (6I)                              Joshua Yin Hao Zhe (6I)
Thirunavukkarasan Kanishka (6I)                               Low Yu Zhe (6I)
Thirunavukkarasan Kavya (6I)                                    Rians Chang Cabanatan (6I)
Yap Yan Xin (6I)                                                         Sathish Babu Rishwanth (6I)
Yen Ning-Yo (6I)
                                                         Wang Huainan York (6I)
2019 National Handwriting Competition
(By Fo Guang Shan) Pri School Category - 1st Prize

19th National Chinese Calligraphy Competition (By NTU Chinese Club) - Handwriting Category -1st Prize

25th National Chinese Calligraphy Competition For Primary Schools (P1-P4) - 2nd Prize

2019 30th National Students Calligraphy Competition
(By Singapore Chinese Calligraphy Society) Primary School Category
Merit Prize
  Ju Yuxuan (4I) 
Tamil Language Festival 2019 - Tamil Competition organised by Hong Kah CC

(Participating schools: St Anthony’s Primary School & Dazhong Primary School)

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.54.28 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-29 at 21.34.43.jpeg
 P1 - 2nd Prize (Character Impersonation) NEHA JAYARAMAN (1I) 
 P2 - 1st & 3rd Prizes (Character Impersonation) YAZH BHARATHI (2A) & SRINISHA (2D) 
 P3 -  3rd Prize (Singing)   SRIKANTH DURGESH (3R)
 P5 -  2nd & 3rd Prizes (Debate in A Pair Competition)  2ND - VEERAPPA KATHIRAVAN (5I) & RAMESH KUMAR KIRAN KUMAR (5R)


Tirukkural Vizha 2019 Tamil Literacy Competitions (Top 3)
Vaishnavi Swaminathan Nagarajan 1D 
Yazh Bharathi 2A 
Hong Kah North CC Story- Telling Competition (Tamil Culture) - Top 3 and Consolation (Individual) 
Parivakam Vivekanandan Maheswaran 
5E (1st Prize)  
Rajakumar Ramkumar 
6I (2nd Prize) 
Balamurugan Devadarshan 
4I (3rd Prize)
Manikandakumar Santhosh Muthukumar 
5R (Consolation) 
NUS High Oratorical Challenge
Commendation Award 
Yen Ning-Yo (6I)
On 10 May 2019, Yen Ning-Yo from 6I and Muthuraman Rahul Shiddharth from P5I represented Dazhong Primary School in the NUS High School Oratorical Challenge. In this challenge, students had to present a speech in an engaging and convincing manner. This experience provided our students with an opportunity to develop their oratorical skills and confidence. Yen Ning-Yo competed in the Finals on 2nd August 2019. 
Congratulations to our Head Prefect, Ning-Yo, for winning a Commendation Award at NUS High Science Oratorical Challenge, for her speech on the de-extinction of the Honshu Wolf!
Avvaiyar Vizha 2019 Merit Prize
Shunmugaraj Sanjayrakshan (1G)
Passage Recitation Competition

Lower Primary Category (Individual) - Bronze
Liu Yiyang (3I)  Lai Jia En Alicia (3I) 
  Lower Primary Category (Group) - Bronze 
Chin Xuan Ning (3R)  Tan Tze Zun (3I)
Thet Paing Min (3I)  Ng Gia Bao (3I)
 Natalyn Teo Wen Yuan (3)  Wyman Khoo Wee Giap (3I)
  Upper Primary Category (Individual)- Bronze
 Scarlett Wan Ying (4I) Chen Zeyu (5I)
   Upper Primary Category (Group) - Bronze
Ashlyn Lai Siling (4I) Andrew Ong Zheng Kai (5I)
Lim Wei Zhen (4I) Teo Yong Kian (5I)
Ju Yuxuan (4I)  Huang Yulan (5I)
My Dream Shop Competition 2019 Certificate of Presentation
Chinese Language Team Tamil Language Team
Ju Yuxuan (4I) Ganesh Anuratha Kaosalya (4I)
Shi Yifan (4I) Aadarsh Rao (4I)
Ong Yu Yan (4I) Maniarasan Mahivardhini (4R)
Fang Xiyuan (4I)  Mungara Pujith Sai (4E)
Ong Jia Hao (4I)  Azra Zuhaira (4E)
Liu Si Ru (4I)  Ravneetha (4P)
Sustained Improvement Award 2019 by SINDA Certificate of Achievement
Rajakumar Ramkumar (6I) Karina Sha (6R)
Ramasubramaniam Vishvaretha (6I) T. Hrethehesh (6E)
Sathish Babu Rishwanth (6I)  Rajakumar Ragavi (6E)
Thirunavukkarasan  Kanishka (6I) Harseeta (6A)
Akshara Jayaraman (6I)  
National On-the-spot Chinese Poem Writing Competition Middle Primary Category - Outstanding Award (Top 4)
 Ong Yu Yan (4I)  
 Annual Mathlympics 2019  Silver Award
 Jeong Wonho (5I)  Wu Dihui (5I)
 13th National Inter-Primary On-the-Spot Chinese Poetry Recital Competition  Gold Award
 Ju Yuxuan (4I)  Shi Yifan (4I)
Good Progress Award 2019 (Chinese Language and Culture Fund)
 Jovian Goh Yan Feng (1I)  Low Wen Hui (2A)
 Ong Herr You (3I)  Tan Poh Yi Chloe (4P)
 Ng Hong Da, Dexter (5I)  Choo Xin Yi (6I)

Co-Curricular Achievements

Event Achievement
2019 Singapore International Piano Competition

Burgmuller Etude Class - 1st Prize
9 to 12 Years Old Category - 2nd Prize 
Shi Yifan (4I) 
Singapore Sports School Primary School Netball Carnival 3rd in Top 5
Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council Netball Championship 2019 (Zonal) 
3rd on Top 4 
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-26 at 07.41.07 (1).jpeg
Nur Faradila Binte Thahirudin  6I
Yen Ning-Yo 6I 
Ong Chyi Ann  6I
Qalieshah Umairah Binte Khairul Shah  6R 
Tihani Ulfah Binte Ahmadwi 6E 
Nur Hidayah Binte Mohd Jumari  6E
Puteri Rashiqah Hamisah Binte Misri  6E 
Tiara Khairyne Binte Mohamed Khairuddin  6E 
Ding Min Hui 6A
Joycelin Liew  6A
Nurul Amirah Binte Maszlan  6A 
Arguson Sophia Gabrielle Manesca  6P 
Bicentennial Scout Carnival Booth Design  Gold 
Cub Scouts   
Puan Noor Aishah 2018  Gold 
Brownies World Thinking Day Dance Competition 2019 (Girls Got Talent)  Champion
Girl Got talent-Champion 1.jpgGirl Got talent-Champion 2.jpgGirl Got talent-Champion 3.jpg

Sarah Natrisha 5E 
Rabiatul Alesha  5E 
Nurhailyn Faihanah  5P 
Brownies West Division Day Competition (Captain's Ball) 2nd (Zonal) 
Nur Haziquah Binte Mohammad Nezam  4E 
Is'na Qislaila Bte Muhamad Iskandar  4A 
Nur Irdina Binte Syafie  5I 
Niki Adlina Chaw Binte Mohammad Faizal  5A 
Nurul As'syahqirin Binte Iskandar  6A 
 Nurin Aisyah Bte Aaim 6A 
 Nur Hazwani Binte Mohammad Nezam 6P
West Zone Sahibba (Scrabble) Competition  2nd (Zonal) 
Muhammad Bin Riadi   5I
Muhammad Anaqi Bin Saharudin 5R
Nur Mishel Binte Ahmad  Sukri 6E 
 Nur Shafiza Binte Sahrin 6E 
National Cub Scouts Mind Quiz  Bronze 
Aloysius Woon Shyh Xian  4I 
Lew Jia Hong  4I 
Sarvendran s/o Mathivanan  4R 
George Humphrey Stanion Thomas  5I 
Mohammad Isdzhar Bin Iswandi 5E 
Frank Cooper Sands Award  Gold
Cub Scouts   
Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Art Exhibition (SYF)  
Category B: Certificate of Recognition  Category C: Certificate of Recognition 
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 07.39.44.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 07.39.44 (1).jpeg
Charmaine Tok Ke Ying (4I) Chong Chuan Le (5I)
Lim Jia Yi (4R)  Tong Cheng Han, Donna (Tang Jingxian) (5R)
Ong Yu Yan (4I)  Lustestica Rhiann Gabrielle Masangcay (5I)
Amyra Nurjannah Binte Jefri (4R) Karis Goh (5R)
Wong Yu Le Skyler (4R) Ghan Jia Xuan (5R)
Cheyenne Ho Xin En  Janabelle Ho Xin Ying (6I)
National Primary Schools Swimming Championships

1st in 100m Butterfly (12 year olds)
3rd in 100m Butterfly (11 year olds)
1st in 50m Butterfly -50m Freestyle (12 year olds)   3rd in 50m Butterfly - 50m Breastroke (11 year olds)
2nd in 100m Freestyle (12 year olds)   4th in 50m Butterfly (11 year olds)
Joshua Yin (6I) Hannah Yin (5I) 
National School Games Sportsmanship in Wushu Championships 2019 
Demonstration of Outstanding Sportsmanship Award - 1st International Changquan (Junior Boys)  Demonstration of Outstanding Sportsmanship Award - 1st International Cudgel (Senior Boys)
 Xavier Eng Jun Chen (4I) Joshua Yin Hao Zhe (6I) 
Demonstration of Outstanding Sportsmanship Award - 1st International Sword
(Junior Girls) 
Demonstration of Outstanding Sportsmanship Award - 1st International Sword (Senior Girls)

Charlene Teo Wei Ting (5I)  Hew Ziyu (6P) 
Dazhong Junior Orchestra Collaboration with MGS for SPD Charity Show 2019
Dazhong Junior Orchestra participated at the SPD 7th Charity Live Show on Sunday, 17 March, 7 pm to 10 pm, in support of helping beneficiaries to overcome their physical disabilities.The show brought together local and overseas guest artistes and beneficiaries of SPD, with President Halimah Yacob as the Guest-of-Honour. (SPD- Society for the Physically Disabled)

Segments of the Live Show - a collaborative performance by the MGS String Ensemble with Dazhong Primary Junior Orchestra and the MGS Choir.

The show was telecast 'live' over Mediacorp Channel 8 (in Mandarin), on Sunday 17 March, 7 pm to 10 pm.  
Members of our Junior Orchestra and staff who participated in the SPD Charity Show 2019 
Students  Staff
 Ong Jia Hao (4I)  Ms Lim Ai Ying, Angie
 Muhammad Aqif Zakwan Bin Mohamed Riduwan (4R)  Mrs Dawn Chan Wee Teng
 Ariq Andre Bin Herman (4P)  Mdm Sun I-feng
 Syifaa Syafira Binte Sulaiman (4P)  Mr Samuel Tan Chin Whee
 Ang Li Zheng (5I)  Mdm  M B Sheirin Habibah
 Kim Yuna (5I)  Miss Grace Tan
 Huang Chenxuan Vernetta (5R)  Miss Boon Qiulian
 Dina Sofea Binte Noor Iskandar (5A)  Mdm Wong Siow Yen
 Elise Tan Eng Jee (6I) Mr Saharudin Bin Osman 
 Rajakumar Ragavi (6E)  
10th National Brush and Pen Calligraphy Competition Primary School Category (Pen Calligraphy)- Third Prize
 Ju Yuxuan (4I)  
4th Sing Chu National Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition  Upper Primary Category - Merit Prize
 Ju Yuxuan (4I)  
8th National Primary and Secondary School Chinese Calligraphy Competition  Primary School Category - Merit Prize
 Ju Yuxuan (4I)  
Ngee Ann National Student's Calligraphy Competition 2019  Primary School Category - Bronze Award
 Ju Yuxuan (4I)  
 2019 Young Cartoonist Competition First Prize 
A'liyah Massarah (6E)   
Keat Hong Community Club Women's Executive Committee "We are Singaporeans" Sandwich Making Competition 2019 Certificate of Participation 
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-06 at 15.31.06.jpeg
Chew Jia Xuan (3P) Nur Iman Bin Nurhamis (3P)
Gladys Koo Pei Shan (3P) Sureshkumar Elekkian (3P) 

Choir Students at Mediacorp Capital 95.8 FM

Our Dazhong Choir students (Yu Lan of 5I, Yuan Ying of 4I and Xuan Ning of 3R) were at Mediacorp Capital 95.8FM studio on 8 September 2019. With us were Capital 95.8 host and our Choir instructor, Lim Huimin. Our Choir students sang their favourite Chinese songs live on air and they did a great job! Well done Dazhong Choir students!
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-09 at 5.19.11 PM.jpeg

Click here to hear them sing.

Bringing Arts to the community
Date  Performing Arts/ Visual Art CCAs      Description
1 May Art Club (selected pupils) 
A group of Art students were selected to participate in a Youth Ground-up Initiative for West Zone Schools. They created drawings with positive messages to encourage the public to show kindness towards elders. The mission of this youth initiative is to keep a strong Singapore heartbeat throughout generations via a ripple effect by inculcating a strong sense of gratitude towards our elders who have helped to build the Singapore we have now.

The drawing of Nur Amirah Bte Roslie (6R) has been selected for print into postcards to be shared with and distributed to the public through avenues such as the NDP 2019 Celebrations and at public spaces.  

  6 July

7 July

SYF Arts Celebrations @ Heartlands

  • Choir & JO
  • Dance (Bukit Panjang Plaza
SYF 2019 Celebrations is an arts festival that provides students with an inclusive and collaborative platform to express their artistic talent and creative voice. The SYF is centred on encouraging our youth to discover their talents in the arts, and providing them with diverse opportunities to learn, collaborate, grow and engage with the community.
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-06 at 15.10.37.jpeg

The Choir performed on 6 July 2019 and Junior Orchestra collaborated with Methodist Girls School (Secondary) performed on 7 July 2019.
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-07 at 16.19.44.jpeg

Dance performed on 7 July 2019 at Bukit Panjang Plaza
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-07 at 15.25.12.jpegWhatsApp Image 2019-07-07 at 15.57.49.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-07 at 15.27.42.jpeg
3 Aug Passion Arts Village cum National Day Celebrations

Visual Art Club


Selected Art Club students worked with a Singapore Artist, Mr Kevin Seah, to paint pictures of Singapore icons. The artwork done by our students and their Art teachers, Ms Chang Mei Shan and Mdm Nuraishah was displayed at Gek Poh Ville Community Club.

Wushu students performed on this occasion at Gek Poh Ville Community Club.
   4 Aug Hong Kah North CC National Day Carnival and Performance (from 7pm) Junior Orchestra performed at Hong Kah North CC during the National Day Carnival as part of their outreach to the community.

Event Achievement
10th Be The Change Celebration Conference Presentation
Rebeca Tun (4I) Wang Shi Xuan (4I)
Lew Jia Hong (Liao Jiahong) Huang Hancheng 
OUR FUTURE Stamp Drawing Contest Top Ten Winners 
 Tong Cheng Han, Donna (Tang Jingxian) 5R  Ju Yuxuan (4I)

West Zone Championship 2019

Let's Celebrate! Dazhong Dare to Soar!

School Achievement - Green School @ South West Award

The Green School @ South West Award is awarded to schools which promote environmental responsibility and co-ownership among their students and staff. In Dazhong, this is done by our CCE Leaders, who champion ground-up green initiatives to spread environmental awareness among their peers and encourage them to take actions towards environmental sustainability. Kudos to our CCE Leaders and Dazhong staff and students for their efforts in earning us this award for the third year in a row!

In addition to the Green Schools @ South West Award awarded to Dazhong Primary School, we have been recognised with another environmental award, the Sustaining Toilets as Restrooms (STAR) Award. This award attests to our schools' efforts to sustain a clean and conducive environment for good learning and work at Dazhong!

Staff Recognition

No Appreciation for Staff Contribution
Teachers' Conference 2019
Our Mathematics team comprising Mr Caleb Leong, Ms Iris Lim and Mrs Yap Ong Shi Ting presented their Community of Practice project on multi-modal representation of fraction using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach.

Kudos to our teachers for demonstrating curriculum leadership by sharing their pedagogical approaches at this national conference.
Singapore International Science Teachers' Conference (SISTIC) 2019
Congratulations to our Science teachers comprising Mr Caleb Leong, Mr Wu Zongbing, Mr Choy Yu Wai and Mr Su Yizhong, whose paper on the teaching of Electrical Systems has been accepted for presentation at the SISTIC 2019, to be held on 19 to 20 November 2019, at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.
3.  Friends in Concert
Mrs Dawn Kuah, Subject Head/Aesthetics, represented Dazhong to perform with other educators with a passion in singing at Friends in Concert on 17 August 2019. This was part of the post-National Day Celebrations at the National Gallery.
4. West Zone Centre of Excellence (WZCOE) Aesthetics ART JAM Festival
Mrs Dawn Kuah and Mr Samuel Tan presented on Music ICT Curriculum Planning and Song Composition respectively at the WZCOE Festival at Bukit View Primary on 3rd July 2019.
5. Singapore Primary School Sports Council (SPSSC) & Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) 60th Anniversary Celebration Lunch cum Award Ceremony
Mr Samuel Tan will be performing as part of a band, Tacet, during this lunch event on 30th October 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa.
6.   National Day National Day Awards 2019 - The Commendation Medal Pingat Kepujian
As part of the National Day Awards 2019, Mr Kenny Chin Peng Kiew, HOD for Mathematics, was awarded the Commendation Medal Pingat Kepujian for his service to the nation and the education fraternity. 
7.  2019 Distinguished Chinese Language Teacher Award 2019 (全国杰出华文教师奖)

Congratulations to Mdm Ng Boon Shuen, Subject Head for Chinese Language, for being awarded the 2019 Distinguished Chinese Language Teacher Award! The award recognises deserving Chinese Language teachers who have shown exemplary efforts towards the teaching of Chinese Language and culture.


WhatsApp Image 2019-09-15 at 6.39.37 AM.jpeg70297655_503967880393483_6664568910039220224_n.jpg
 8.  Nomination for the President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) 2019
The PAT recognises excellent educators for their dedication and hard work in developing our young. Thank you for nominating our teachers and affirming their excellent work!
  • Mrs Chia Junli
  • Ms Muzfirah Aida Afifah Binti Abdullah
  • Mdm Choo Xue Er Danica
  • Mr Wu Zongbing
  • Mdm Lin Shihua Jan
  • Ms Yu Minli Emmeline
  • Mr Lee Jin Ngee Patrick
 9. Nomination for the Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) 2019 
The OYEA recognises young teachers for their youthful idealism, enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in youth development. Thank you for appreciating our young teachers' efforts in developing and growing our students!
  • Mrs Chia Junli
  • Mrs Sharon Soh - Sim Xiang Yun
10.   Girl Guides Singapore - 5-Years Long Service Award and Palm Leaf (Bronze) Award
Mdm Yap Lay Hong was awarded the Five Years Long Service Award and Palm Leaf (Bronze) Award in appreciation of her dedicated service to the Guiding Movement.
11.  SST Tech Summit @ SST Lab School
Mr Choy Yu Wai, Mr Wu Zongbing and Mr Su Yizhong presented on the E3 (Explore, Enrich, Excite) Resource Package - the use of Nearpod with SLS for Science Outdoor Authentic Learning at the SSR Tech Summit on 5 July 2019. Kudos to our teachers for demonstrating curriculum leadership at Dazhong by sharing their pedagogical practices and innovations with other members of the education fraternity.
12.  Open Classrooms
Mr Fransa Silva and Mr Choy Yu Wai conducted Open Classrooms on 30 July and 5 August 2019 respectively, where teachers from other schools came to observe their lessons on the topics of Heat and Electricity. We thank them for their openness in  and commitment to their own development as competent and reflective professionals, and their curriculum leadership in growing the education fraternity.
 13.  Friends in Concert 2019 - Bridging Perspectives
Mrs Dawn Kuah, Subject Head for Aesthetics, represented Dazhong to perform at Friends in Concert at the National Gallery on 17 August 2019.
The MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) is a MOE-wide Award to encourage all MOE staff to continually and consistently serve both internal and external customers with excellent service premised on CARE (Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness) and the 3 key Service Principles [People Centricity, Mutual Courtesy and Respect and Shared Responsibility for the Public Good].
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-05 at 1.38.31 PM.jpeg

Award Category



Mdm Mary Ang


Ms Tan Geok Hwa


Mr V Manoharan


Mr Herman Bin Ponijo


Mdm Loh Keng Ming


Mr Muhammad Syahriel Bin Sukar


Mdm Tan Mui Sin


Mrs Tan Pei Yin Geraldine


Mr Wee Boon Nee


Ms Yu Minli Emmeline


Ms Ananthy D/O Marimuthu


 Mrs Marip Ang Qiu Ping Emily


Mrs Kuah Chan Wee Teng Dawn


Mrs Chia Junli


Mdm Chin Mei Ling Cindy


Mdm Choo Xue Er Danica


Mdm Gao Rong Fang


Mdm Haslinda Bte Zakaria


Mrs Leong Mei Yan Amelia


Ms Muzfirah Aida Afifah Binti Abdullah


Mdm Nurul Athirah Bte Abdul Rahman


Mrs Ong Chit Bee


Mdm Siti Noraidah Bte Mohd Salleh


Mr Tan Zi Yang Andy


Mdm Teo Lee Choo


Ms Ting Ning Xin Jessie


Mr Wu Zongbing

Congratulations to the recipients of MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA). Dazhong Primary School is the school with highest number of Platinum winners too! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders, parents and students for their nominations. Thank you!

Congratulation to our award winners, Mdm Mary Ang, Mr Choy and Mrs Dawn Kuah for their
contributions to the fraternity and in guiding our teachers in professional development!