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Learning for Life Programme: Arts Education

DZPS Junior Orchestra featured by NCS


We strongly believe in the importance of developing every child holistically.  The arts education not only plays an important role in contributing to the development of the whole being but is also an invaluable vehicle through which character and competencies can be developed

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Arts Education Programme (AEP) @ Dazhong


AEP@DZ allow students access to quality learning opportunities that cover the 4 Arts strands consisting of drama, visual arts, music and dance which are aligned to raise their critical and inventive thinking competencies. 


Engagement in AEP@DZ provides the sense of wonder and joy of learning in our students. For P1 to P3 levels, our students are given the exposure to learn music through String Ensemble (violin) Music Programme. P1 & P2 students undergo Speech and Drama classes and P3-P6 students experience a myriad of visual arts experiences such as the Paper Mache, Mosaic Art, Batik and Ceramics Painting. Besides the Visual Arts, P5 students learn various ethnic dances too. All P6 students will carry out project work using the skills they have acquired and work together as a team to present a performance in school. The progression of skills acquired over 6 years serve as a solid foundation which our students can tap on for their secondary education and beyond. The AEP@DZ enhances self-directed learning, collaboration and perseverance in students. They become gracious citizens who are appreciative of the arts and seek to serve the community with their artistic talents and skills.


AEP Recitals@Dazhong events were carried out for our P2, P3 and P5 levels. The AEP Recitals can serve as milestone celebrations of the children's achievements and as a consolidation and presentation of what they have learnt over the 5 years. 


Dazhong Primary School is also the only Primary School in Singapore to have a full Junior Orchestra.  The Junior Orchestra is an extension of our String Ensemble (violin) Music Programme for our P1 – P3 students who have shown an aptitude and interest in the performing arts.  The Junior Orchestra serves to further hone their skills and strengthen their passion in this field.

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AEP P3 Violin Recital

Our school’s Arts Education Programme (AEP) aims to provide a holistic education to students through its performing and visual arts curriculum. One of the main platforms, The AEP Recital, serves as a milestone celebration of the children's achievements and consolidation of what they have learnt over the last 3 years. During the AEP Violin recital, students will showcase their talents through their violin performances. Our students have demonstrated graciousness by active listening and playing together in an ensemble and they also show resilience and perseverance in learning and playing with their violin. They have serve beyond self by performing for others. 



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