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Parent Support Group 

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We believe when your child joins Dazhong Primary School, your family also becomes a part of
Dazhong Family. Parents are important partners in enriching their child's learning as parents will know their child best.

To facilitate and co-ordinate these partnership with parents, we have a parent support group known
as PSG@Dazhong in our school. Parent support group in Dazhong was set up in 2016. We strongly
believe in engaging our Parents-in-Education to support us in providing a quality and holistic
education to our students and hence positive learning experiences in their primary school years.
PSG@Dazhong is made up of dedicated parents who aim to enhance the education of our children
and to contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life by supporting
the staff of Dazhong in advancing the interests of the school and thereby promoting the well-being
of our students, parents, teachers and community. Our Parents Support group has supported our
school in many ways through school programmes such as Learning Journeys, Reading Mums, Life
Skills programmes, NE & Subject based events, CCAs involvement like Junior Orchestra Morning Buzz, Swimsafer programme, DZPS 80th Anniversary events, co-organising Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day programmes and other school activities.

The purpose of the PSG@Dazhong are to:-

* Develop and promote positive relationships, understanding and communication channel between
parents and school;
* Support the school in both STs; Academic and Non-Academic to value-add students’ learning and
promote the image of the school.
* Create opportunities for parents to share and volunteer their expertise and knowledge to Dazhong
students and staff; and
* Organise and support the activities of Dazhong Primary and its school programmes.
*Play a part in recruiting and leading other parents to join this meaningful journey to ensure
sustainability of home-school partnership with school.


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