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Sports & Outdoors for Life

Sports For Life Programme

To inculcate values and a love for sports, other than providing pupils with opportunities to participate in Sports and Games CCAs, the Sports Education Programme (SEP) is introduced to expose pupils to different sports in the hope that they will develop an interest in a sport and pursue it as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Sports Exposure

This would involve one-off events aimed at introducing a sport or sporting lifestyle to the masses and conveys the message that sport is fun and easy to do.

Sports Play

These are structured, regular instructional courses that facilitate the learning of a sports skill at the beginner level. Pupils will learn the basic information and skills about the sport which will enable them to participate in the sport and enjoy it at recreational level.

Through their involvement in the various sports, we hope to develop in our pupils Confidence and Curiosity and enable them to learn more of the importance of

Co-operation and Communication.

The sports that our pupils participate and their benefits under SEP are as follows:

  • Primary 1: Athletics
    Athletics enables pupils to develop self-discipline in terms of putting into practice the correct technique as they execute different skills. In addition, there are many opportunities for them to make independent decisions as they participate in the activities.

  • Primary 2: In-line Skating
    In-line skating is a sport which pupils can continue to participate in long after they leave school. It develops pupils’ muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination as they learn to how to glide with the in-line skates.

  • Primary 3: Floorball
    Floorball is a team sport which helps to improve pupils’ eye-hand coordination as they have to learn how to handle the floorball stick and use it to hit the floorball. Self-discipline is required to put into practice the correct technique of handling the stick and hitting the floorball as they make a pass or dribble the ball. For them to score a goal as a team, they learn to make decisions during attacking and defending.

  • Primary 4: Rock-Climbing
    Rock-climbing develops pupils muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination as they scale up the wall. It requires them to stay focus and make decisions on which route they should take to scale up the wall.

  • Primary 5: Ultimate Frisbee
    Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport which helps to develop pupils’ muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and eye-hand coordination as they learn how to throw and catch the frisbee. For them to score a goal as a team, they learn to make decisions during attacking and defending.

  • Primary 6: Kayaking
    Kayaking is a water-sport which pupils can participate in long after they leave school. Other than promoting relaxation, it helps to tone and strengthen muscles, improves the range of motion and flexibility.

Outdoors For Life Programme

We believe that the outdoors is a dynamic environment which stimulates learning in the head (knowledge), heart (attitude) and hands (skills) in an authentic way. It is also a good platform for character, social and leadership development and values inculcation through outdoor activities.

As part of the school’s efforts to provide our pupils with opportunities to Explore, Experience and Excel (3Es), we have implemented a 6-year Outdoor Education Programme which seeks to inculcate in pupils a love for the outdoors, develop resilience and graciousness and bring out the adventurous spirit in them as they carry out activities in an environment which is out of their comfort zone. These activities also seek to develop our pupils to be achievers rooted in values, soaring beyond limits (school vision).

The focus for Primary 1 and 2 pupils is to know and be comfortable with the outdoor environment. Pupils participate in outdoor activities like basic orienteering beginning from the classroom and team-building activities in the outdoors.

Primary 3 and 4 pupils will be engaged in more outdoor activities through a 1-Day and 2 Day & 1 Night camp respectively. Pupils will get to explore and experience more of the outdoor environment and outdoor living as they participate in activities like orienteering, tent-pitching, outdoor learning at the zoo, outdoor cooking, hiking at a nature reserve and a variety of team-building activities. In addition, pupils also get to learn swimming at Primary 3 and learn how to scale new heights through rock-climbing at Primary 4.

Primary 5 and 6 pupils will go through a 3 Day & 2 Night camp at a MOE Adventure Centre and 2 Day & 1 Night offshore outdoor adventure camp at Pulau Ubin respectively. Pupils will get to overcome their fears and challenges as they scale the various high ropes courses, and participate in dragon-boating and kayaking, team-building and hiking activities (NE & Math Trail).

Through the outdoor activities, pupils hope to further develop in pupils greater awareness of themselves and others, better manage themselves and friendship with others and learn to make responsible decisions. School values like integrity, responsibility, excellence, acceptance and perseverance are also reinforced though the activities.