PSLE 2020 dates

The 2020 PSLE Dates are as follows:

Oral Examinations :Thu, 13 Aug – Fri, 14 Aug

Listening Comprehension: Fri, 18 Sep

Written Examinations: Thu, 1 Oct – Wed, 7 Oct

Marking Exercise: Mon, 19 Oct – Thu, 22 Oct


31-Oct-2019 (Thu)

Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Holiday Programmes

Dear Parents,
Dazhong Primary School is in partnership with Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) in our efforts to develop our students holistically.
Hence we would like to bring to your awareness and provide you the opportunity to participate in their programmes to maximise our students' potential.
Click here for more information.
18-Oct-2019 (Fri)

WE Stories - A compilation of stories from all the west zone secondary schools

Dear parents/guardians, we would like to share with you some interesting stories and the distinctive features of the secondary schools in the west.  I hope the stories can help you get to know the secondary schools better and aid you and your child in choosing the secondary school that best suit your child.

Click here to read the stories.

15-Oct-2019 (Tue)

Parents Gateway maintenance period & updates

Parents Gateway maintenance period - 13 Dec to 20 Dec 2019.

For more information, please click here to view Parents Gateway updates.


2-Dec-2019 (Mon)

Dental Clinic Opening hours for December 2019

Click here to view opening hours of Dental Clinic for the month of December.

29-Apr-2019 (Mon)

Hongkah Newsletter

Dazhong Soar! Our school is featured in Hongkah Newsletter.

Please click here to view the Newsletter.

18-Apr-2019 (Thu)

Useful Resources on Cyber Wellness for Parents/Guardian (focusing on the management of screen time for children)