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English Language

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English Language is a key communication vehicle both locally and internationally. Being competent in the English Language not only enables the students to communicate effectively in the language, but will also value add to the students’ learning capability in all other areas.

Joy of Learning

EL Fiesta

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The week-long English Language Fiesta is the department’s signature programme where students experience fun and authentic language activities in and outside the classrooms, taking a break from their usual lessons. Different interesting activities such as poetry recitation, Reader’s Theatre, hands-on activities, creation of animation clips, and debates etc are organised to provide platforms for students to develop a love for the language.  Through these activities, students see for themselves how the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing come alive.  Students especially love the recess game booths put up by their P5/6 seniors and Parent Volunteers.

Joy to Read

Believing that reading is fundamental to language acquisition, the school seeks to equip all students with reading skills and develop in them a life-long love for reading through the Joy To Read Programme, a whole school approach reading programme during which students will read together once a week, with the teachers role-modelling the pleasure and importance of reading. The school hopes that through this, the school will build a culture of reading and students become life-long avid readers.

The Little Red Dot reading programme for Primary 4 and 5 exposes students to authentic texts. With teachers' guidance and article analysis worksheets, students analyse reports, features and opinion pieces to understand the different purposes of writing, grammatical features, and relevance of these texts to the readers. Through this programme, students pick up a habit of reading newspaper articles at a young age for pleasure as well as information.

Primary 1 and 2 Speech and Drama

The Speech and Drama programme provides students yet another platform to hone their speaking skills necessary for effective communication while having fun! Through drama, students build confidence and self-esteem, as well as learn to work cooperatively and do their best in teams.

Library Programmes @ D'Safari

With a safari theme, the Dazhong school library invites students to go on a 'journey’ for knowledge. The library programmes include fortnightly thematic displays of books to cater to different interests of students and weekly short film screenings to encourage appreciation of stories through other mediums.  Class library visits go beyond providing opportunity for students to borrow books.  Teachers share a book with the class and guide them to select appropriate books for their reading levels.


Once a week, teachers and school leaders take on the role of storytellers at the library during recess to engage and entertain students through dramatic readings of quality children's literature. Through this, students are able to learn how good pronunciation, appropriate voice modulation and expressive reading can make stories come alive. Students also participate in hands-on activities related to the story of the week, such as colouring or word search.

Mobile Library

To further encourage reading among student, Mobile Library @ DZ runs at the canteen every Wednesday during recess to encourage students to borrow and read books to help them develop a habit of reading regularly. 

NewsMaker Awards


On 21 March, Aadarsh, Akshaini and Yifan from Primary 4 Integrity took part in the NewsMaker Awards 2019, supported by Speak Good English Movement (SGEM).

They spent time doing research on the project topic ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ and worked together to create an informative video using innovative and engaging broadcasting techniques. It was a fun, meaningful and exciting day for the three participants!

Recommended Reading List:

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Recommended_Reading_list_2018 Pri 3-4 PDF-converted.docx 

Recommended_Reading_list_2018 Pri 5-6 PDF-converted.docx 

AVID Reader Activity Book

Avid Reader Activity Booklet (Lower Primary)_FINAL.pdf 

Avid Reader Card 2020 (Lower Pri)_FINAL.pdf 

Avid Reader Card 2020 (Upper Pri)_FINAL.pdf 

Dare to Read

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