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Character & Citizenship Education


The school believes that it is not only important to develop in pupils a strong moral fibre grounded on sound values but they must also be equipped with the competencies to enable them to live out their beliefs. As the hardware must be complemented by the heartware, to develop in pupils sound character and a strong sense of citizenry, pupils must not only be taught the right values, attitudes and competencies but the school must also provide a conducive environment for these to be caught. 

Driven by this belief, the school adopts a tiered approach that seeks to enable pupils to Know the right values and attitudes, provide the platforms to engage in hands-on activities (Do) and practice those values and attitudes and develop the desired competencies for the pupils to Become the individuals who have internalized those desired values and attitudes. Platforms are provided also for these pupils to live out their beliefs and influence their peers to be the individuals with the desired values, attitudes and competencies.

The school seeks to provide a rigorous CCE programme through developing the pupils in the four key domains: Citizenry, Leadership, Personal Mastery and Resilience. These domains provide a fundamental and holistic foundation to the personal growth and development of pupils. The CCE programme is also undergirded by Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future to drive the process of developing the pupils to achieve the desired outcomes, especially the Respectful and Ethical Minds.

Programme, Project,  Activity and Workshop

National Education – “NE Current Buzz”
Pupils learn to generate ideas, share opinions and learn from one another as they discuss current affairs during their English Language periods.

National Education – Total Defence Day
Through the various activities, pupils learnt more about the five pillars of Total Defence. During recess, pupils learnt about the resilience and perseverance experienced by our pioneers during the World War II. Like previous years, we managed to partner the Neighbourhood Police and the pupils learnt more about civil defence and not take our home security for granted.

Pupil Leadership – “Training for Prefects & CCA Leaders”
Pupil-leaders learnt more about their roles and responsibilities from this workshop. Through role-playing, the leaders also learnt how to manage their friends and perform their roles as servant leaders.

Pupil Leadership – “Training for CCE Leaders”
The ‘CCE Leaders’ are in charge and responsible in the school’s environmental projects as well as activities related to National Education. This workshop helped leaders to understand more about their roles and responsibilities. Through various activities and reflection, pupils learn more how they can be concerned citizens and active contributors.

Service Learning-Values in Actions (SeLVIA) – ‘P3 Pots of Care (Caring Buddies)’
P3 pupils and their P1-buddies! The P3 pupils learnt to be responsible as they helped their P1-friends ease into the new school environment. 

Environmental Projects – ‘P3 Pots of Care (Clean Singapore Learning Trail)’
In partnership with the National Environment Agency, the Clean Singapore Learning Trail is designed as an activity-based experiential learning programme. This programme seeks to cultivate respectful and ethical minds in our pupils as pupils will
-        Gain an appreciation of what it takes to keep Singapore clean,
-        Learn about the consequences of littering (e.g. pest infestation, breeding of mosquitoes) 
          and how their personal behaviour affects the environment, 
-        Reflect on how their everyday actions can have an impact on their immediate environment,
-        Be encouraged to be concerned citizens 

Service Learning-Values in Actions (SeLVIA) – ‘P4 Pots of Love’
In this service learning project, P4 pupils are involved in the painting of pot sleeves and sowing of Kai Lan – in which they will have to grow and nurture over the a few weeks -- before presenting them to the patients at Assisi Hospice and HCA Hospice. Prior to visiting the day-care patients, and in collaboration with HCA Hospice, pupils also learnt how to engage and interact with elderly through a workshop. 

NE Current Buzz
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Total Defence Day
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Caring Buddies
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Pots of Love
Pots of Love.jpg

International Friendship Day 2017

The theme for this year’s International Friendship Day (IFD) is “ASEAN50”. Singapore works with our ASEAN neighbours for peace and collaboration in the region. As we are part of this community, we need to develop our cross-cultural skills and relate to one another respectfully and effectively. We need to remain open to the international flow of trade, ideas and talent which is critical to ASEAN’s growth as a region, and Singapore’s continued success as a nation.

Together with the Parents Support Group (PSG), a series of exciting activities had been lined up for students to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with other countries. Some highlights included: significance of Songkran, Banana Stem Horse, Bo Sang (Umbrella Festival), Colouring of kebaya bookmarks, riding kuda lumping, Balap Karung,  etc.

International Friendship Day 2017.png

P4 Pots of Appreciation – “Appreciating the Unsung Heroes”

In this P4 Pots of Appreciation programme, an appreciation ceremony was held for the students to express their appreciation and gratitude to the unsung heroes, i.e. the school aunties and uncles who help maintain the cleanliness of the school. Certificates of Appreciation and an artwork (i.e. coasters) done by the students were presented to the auntie and uncles in appreciation of their dedication and service to the school.

In addition, a representative from the Migrant Workers’ Center conducted a talk for our students and parents to help them better understand the roles and contributions of the foreign workers in Singapore.

Appreciating the Unsung Heroes.png

P5 Pots of Hope / Flea Mart – Helping the NKF kidney patients

Our P5 annual Flea Mart raised a total of $1500 this year. Proceeds from the Flea Mart will be used to purchase artificial kidneys (AK) for the kidney patients of the National Kidney Foundation. Patients come for treatment 13 times a month and have to do so for the rest of their lives. For each treatment, they depend on an Artificial Kidney (A.K.) to filter waste and excess fluid from their body. However, one A.K. can only be used by one patient for about a month. Thus, $30 provides an A.K. for one patient for one month or $360 for one year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the PSG for their strong assistance and support, as well as the parents and students for their contribution to the success of the Flea Mart.

Helping the NKF kidney patients.png

Cyber Wellness Activities (18 & 19 April)

During this event, there were quizzes and recess station-based activities for students to develop greater awareness of issues such as Cyberbullying and Gaming Addiction. It was an engaging and fruitful experience as students learnt about the effects of gaming addiction through the “Cyber Snakes & Ladders” game and the Cyber Warriors Quiz conducted by the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors. There was also an interactive activity at the Laptop Station for students to learn about netiquette and responsible online behaviour. Indeed, there was much excitement in the air, especially at the “Lucky Dip” booth where participants waited eagerly to redeem prizes for themselves.

Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors also went for a training to deepen their understanding on issues pertaining to cyber wellness at the School of Science and Technology.

Cyber Wellness Activities (18 & 19 April).png