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Junior Orchestra (Inspiratum)

Dazhong Primary School started the Junior Orchestra in 2016, named 'Inspiratum' which means 'The Inspired' in partnership with MOE. The school seeks to develop in the pupils the following through the orchestra:

  • a love and passion for music and performing arts;
  • self-esteem, discipline and confidence;
  • self-management and relationship management;
  • spirit of collaboration and teamwork and
  • musical skills

To achieve its objectives, the programme seeks to adopt one of the key principles of ‘Inspiratum’ which is rigour. The pupils attend practices two times a week. This programme will provide opportunities for pupils to learn an instrument and play music together under the guidance of professional musicians themselves. There will also be opportunities for pupils to forge stronger friendships through cooperative and collaborative learning. Pupils will get to perform through performance platforms provided by the school.

Overview of the Inspiratum Programme
Pupils will receive training in the following aspects:
  • Music Literacy and Orchestral Repertoire
  • Instrumental Techniques
  • Ensemble Skills
  • Peformance Etiquette
  • Character-Building

Through this programme, we hope to achieve the following Pupil Outcomes:
  • Increase in Level of Confidence – Solo & Ensemble performance
  • Musicianship Performance – Interest & Ability driven
  • Increase in Level of Cooperation – Work collaboratively
  • Increase in Participation & Engagement – JO Attendance & School Attendance
  • Discipline & Self-Directed Learning