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With the implementation of the choral singing programme, conducted during curriculum time, which provides pupils with a comprehensive initiation into the art of good singing, the Dazhong Choir was formed as a new CCA in March 2011 for pupils who have a good sense of pitch and rhythm; and quality voices.

Dazhong Primary School Choir is conducted by Mrs Tay SzeChen

Our first ever performance for the South West Meals Bursary Award Presentation Ceremony 2012.


The first song that the Choir sang during the ceremony was "O Shenandoah" a Native American folk song. This beautiful arrangement by Mary Goetze captures the longing of a settler to see his homeland and the beauty of the place. The second song that the Choir sang was "Afternoon on a hill". This song is a setting of an American poem written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. This alluring 2-part setting with its beautiful and uplifting melody by Cynthia Gray evokes the writer's marvel and wonder of nature.

Choir members are given further instructions on musical literacy, musicianship and proper vocal training. The school aims to develop in the choir members a passion for music, a disciplined mind and an enhanced self and social awareness.

The school seeks to provide opportunities for the choir members to participate in school and community events so as to promote cultural excellence, community and national pride.