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Principal's Message

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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Dazhong Primary School, where all Dazhong students develop holistically in their six-year primary school journey as Self-Directed Learners, Serving Leaders and Concerned Citizens

This refreshed vision is the result of recent conversations with our staff, students and other stakeholders to distil and focus on the most critical student outcomes we hope to achieve in the context of the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world our students navigate today. Collectively, we believe that self-directedness, the serving heart of a leader, and concern for issues in the community and nation form the strong foundation that is key to give every Dazhong student a strong start to their choice secondary school.

In Dazhong, our staff have made it our mission to nurture and empower achievers who Strive, Lead and Serve (SLS), anchored on values. We do so through the Dazhong Experience, where we Excite, Engage and Empower students in their learning by helping them draw connections across academic and non-academic areas, using innovative pedagogies to help them appreciate the relevance of subject content matter, and leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) to meet students’ varied learning needs and facilitate their self-directed learning. Through the Dazhong Experience, students develop the necessary dispositions and skills to be future-ready—the motivation to learn, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. 

These experiences are designed so that all students will gain Awareness (and understanding) of key issues and concepts. However, our self-directed learners, serving leaders and concerned citizens will not stop there. At the next level, students will build on what they have learnt to take Action to generate solutions for various issues and causes, and even Advocate for others to do so.

At Dazhong, we heighten our students’ awareness, and promote actions and advocacy for environmental sustainability. Green Makers @ Dazhong is our Applied Learning Programme, which allows students to explore sustainability challenges in Singapore and develop green solutions through a maker-centred learning approach. Dazhong students are exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) skills and knowledge, and develop the values and dispositions to thrive in the 21st Century. 

In a VUCA world, it is even more fundamental to anchor our students on values, particularly the school values of Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Acceptance and Perseverance (IREAP), develop their ability to lead self and others, and instil strong civic consciousness. In Dazhong, we do so through our Learning for Life Programme (LLP)—the Dazhong Arts Education Programme (AEP)—where students learn self-leadership and values through the arts, various Student Leadership development platforms, and our Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes. Students can also showcase their musical and art talents via the various Inspiring Spaces in school and the community (especially Southwest CDC), and through our Junior Orchestra. 

Dazhong Primary School will celebrate her 85th anniversary in 2023. Our parents and partners have always rallied alongside us in our endeavour to provide a holistic and meaningful educational experience for our Dazhong students. Thank you parents, both present and future for supporting our vision and mission at Dazhong. Let us Dare to Inspire our future generation at Dazhong! We are Dazhong

With pride we excel!

Mrs Rina Liang

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