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Dads For Life

Hi Fathers

How have you all been? Hope you're all doing well at home and at work. 

1. Badminton Session on 28 April 2018 
We were very heartened by the large turnout for the first football session on 24 February. We hope you and your child/children had an enjoyable time of playing and bonding. The next session on 28 April will be badminton. Please gather at the School Hall (Level 3) by 8.15 a.m. A large number of you had registered for this session. Please bring your own rackets and shuttle if you have. Due to the numbers, we will have to use both the School Hall (Level 3) and Indoor Sports Hall (Level 5). To minimise waiting time, some might have to play at the outdoor Netball Court at Level 3 (depending on the weather). We seek your understanding on this arrangement.

2. Fathers involvement in PSG & Family Day Carnival
We were also delighted to see some fathers helping out at our recent International Friendship Day event and would like to extend an invitation to more of you to join the Parent Support Group (PSG). We understand you are all working. You can still support the school's programme on a project basis. One major highlight as part of our school's 80th Anniversary celebration this year is the Family Day Carnival on 18 August 2018. Your involvement and support in this event would really make the event more meaningful as we seek to engage parents as our important partner.

 3. Father-Child Bonding Activities
We are constantly looking out for fun and meaningful father-child bonding activities for you all. You will be receiving email notifications on external activities occasionally for your consideration. Spending time to bond with your children helps to deepen the love and trust within the family. Appended are some events/activities for your consideration.

Just to share a quote for fathers as an encouragement.
A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.


Please click on the links below to view the files:
1. CFF-DFL Father-Child Bonding Activities.pdf
2. CFF Fathering Workshops.pdf
3. Complimentary Resources & Workshops.pdf

Upcoming Events: