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Dazhong Total Curriculum

The school is committed to provide student-centric holistic education driven by values and competencies. It seeks to develop the C2015 outcomes, in particular the sense of curiosity for life-long learning, confidence and co-operation (3Cs) through the Total Curriculum@Dazhong. The Total Curriculum@Dazhong comprises rigorous programmes in academic, arts education, character and citizenship education (CCE), and sports education.


The Dazhong Curriculum Design Framework(DCDF) guides the school in the design of its curriculum which seeks to provide a rigourous academic programme that will motivate pupils in their learning through authentic learning experiences. The framework is based on the PETALs(Pedagogy, Learning Experience, Tone of Environment, Assessment, Learning Content and Student-Centricity), with adopting Constructivist Theory of Learning as its key pedagogy to enable pupils to make meaning of their learning, ‘Understanding by Design (Ubd)’ to guide teachers in the selection of content(content knowledge, skills, attitudes) to ensure that concepts are not in silos but enable pupils to see connections to make learning meaningful for them and holistic assessment to maximise pupils’ learning. To ensure that the potential of pupils is maximised, the school provides a differentiated curriculum through the Achievers’ Programme.


Central to the learning of mathematics is problem-solving and creative reasoning. Hence, it is an invaluable vehicle through which pupils’ habits of mind for general problem solving skills and critical thinking can be honed to apply to real world situations.

Key Programmes

Conceptual Application of Mathematics to Enhance Learning @ Dazhong (CAMEL)
The school believes that the understanding and application of mathematics concepts can be more meaningful and made easy for pupils if they can arrive at procedural and conceptual understanding. To achieve this, the school adopts the ‘Ubd’ framework and the Constructivist Theory of Learning to scaffold the pupils’ learning through the CAMEL programme. CAMEL provides pupils with the opportunity to make meaning of their own learning and arrive at their own conceptual understanding which will enable pupils to apply the concepts to solve problems under different context.

Maths Alive@Dazhong (MAD)
To motivate and enthuse pupils in their pursuit of Mathematics, it is important for pupils to see the relevance of the discipline to everyday life and hence appreciate the purpose of learning the subject. MAD provides pupils with the opportunity to see mathematics alive in our environment and engage them in the application of the concepts in their everyday life through activities such as learning journeys, performance tasks and math trails.

Talent Development in Mathematics – Mathematics Olympiad
Pupils who show a strong inclination in the subject are identified to participate in the Mathematics Olympiad programme. Through this programme, pupils are given opportunities to further hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills.