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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Our Philosophy

To prepare our students to meet the needs and succeed in a knowledge economy, they need to be equipped with 21st century competencies and dispositions to become self-directed learners and collaborate with one another to achieve common goals. The school believes that the use of ICT has to be integrated seamlessly and pervasively into the school curriculum to transform learning suited for the 21st century learners.

Key Programmes

Baseline ICT Skills
Our school believes that all students in Dazhong need to be equipped with the baseline ICT knowledge, skills and values in order to fully benefit from a curriculum enriched with ICT, and eventually thrive in a technology-driven society. 

We adopt a structured progressive approach to impart baseline ICT skills to our pupils during their ICT lessons. Infusion of baseline ICT skills into the formal and informal curriculum such as the AEP project work enables our pupils to see the relevance and apply what they have learnt. 

Level Skill Areas Skills
P1 Basic Operations (K)
  • Navigate in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Move within application software and digital resources
    • Login to systems and applications
    • Recognise icons (minimise button, folder) 
    • Understand the different part of a Desktop and Laptop 
  • Use Application software, files and folders
    • Locate and access files
    • Open and close application software (Internet browsers and word processors) and digital resources (LMS)
  • Touch-typing
P2 Learning with text (T)
  • Introduction to MS Office
Learning with searches (H)
Internet navigation and search  
  • Access Internet sources with given URLs and specific hyperlinks 
  • Online searches
    • Able to conduct simple online research using Encyclopaedia Britannica (MC Online)
  Learning with communication tool 
  • Online Communication 
  • Able to communicate online using collaborative tools in LMS 
P3  Learning with Text (T) 
Learning with Multimedia (M)
  •  Knowledge of MS Office – MS Powerpoint
    • Understand the use of MS Powerpoint
    • Able to locate commands in MS Powerpoint
    • Able to create a simple MS Powerpoint presentation

 P4 Learning with Text (T)
Learning with Multimedia (M)
  • Knowledge of MS Office Word 
    • Understand the use of MS Word
    • Able to do simple formatting using the formatting tools
    • Able to create a simple MS Word document
 P5 Learning with Spreadsheet (S)
  • Knowledge of MS Office Excel 
    • Understand the use of MS Excel
    • Able to do simple formula and functions such as “SUM”
    • Able to do simple formatting
    • Able to do simple charts
 P6 Learning with Text (T) 
Learning with Multimedia (M)
Learning with Spreadsheet (S)
  • Refresher on MS Office 
    • Refresh knowledge on MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel

Code for Fun Enrichment Programme for Primary Four 2016
Our school conducted the Code for Fun Enrichment Programme, a joint effort by IDA and MOE to increase our students’ exposure to coding and computational thinking during the one week March holidays. 10 hours of lessons were conducted for three of our Primary 4 classes (workshops for the other 2 classes are scheduled during the first week of the June holidays). The pupils learnt about logical thinking using the Scratch 1.4 software, and programmed Moway robots with various sequences to complete the given tasks. The pupils had fun learning how to create simple games and even programmed their robots for a sumo challenge with their classmates!