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Student Protection Plan

The school has procured Student Protection Plan (SPP) [Policy Number Z/17/PG02/010433] for all Dazhong Pupils for 2017. The SPP provides 24-hour worldwide coverage for your child against injuries that may result from accidents or mishaps during or after school hours. This includes when your child is participating in after-school activities.
Besides that, the school has also taken up a Student Sports Injury Plan (SSIP) that covers students for Sports Injury. This is applicable for pupils in the Football school teams only.
The claims procedure is the same for both. It requires parent to complete a claims form and submit it together with relevant documents[1] (as applicable) within 30 days of the accident or insured event. You may click on the link provided to access to the (1)  Claim Form and (2) 
Student Protection Plan 2017.pdf Student Protection Rider Plan 2017 -For Contact Sports Injury.pdf

For claims enquiry, please contact  AB LIM PTE LTD at their Hotline 6272 2277 or email at claims@ablim.com.sg.
You may approach the Admin Staff at General Office for assistance in any claims matter.