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Principal’s Message

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Dear Dazhong Families:

Thank you for partnering me to help all staff and students excel with pride at Dazhong. I am no stranger to this school as my affinity with Dazhong began when I graduated from junior college at 18 years old, and was deciding on my course of study at university. A relief teaching stint at Dazhong for two months was my first experience of teaching and helped me to make the clear choice of becoming an educator, leading me to serve at Swiss Cottage Secondary (teaching practicum). I then went on to serve at Shuqun Secondary School for 13.5 years before becoming vice-principal at Swiss Cottage Secondary and then Principal at Geylang Methodist School Primary from 2009-2016. Hence, I was very delighted to be posted back to Dazhong after serving almost 25 years in the Education service.

I am heartened to see that Dazhong Primary has grown and attained many academic, sports and aesthetics achievements over the past several years!  Dazhong Primary School is a community-oriented place with students, staff and parents who take great pride in our school.  We have a serene and caring learning environment that truly supports the holistic development of every student. This is only possible because our staff share a strong heartbeat to love and care for our students; from our teachers to the front office staff to the cleaning staff in school, each student matters.  I am very thankful for the labour of past leaders and teachers at Dazhong through the years, who have always given of their best to help every student live out their potential and excel with pride.

Our students strongly affirm the teachers’ efforts through the Quality School Experience (QSE) survey, which measures the quality of their experiences in school. Dazhong’s scores are above national mean and cohort ratings. Our students are always striving to be self-directed learners, gracious and resilient. They put much effort into serving beyond selves through their acts of kindness, love and support for their teachers as well as their cooperation with the school Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and discipline departments to uphold good values and display excellent behaviour at all times, within and beyond school.

I will continue to work daily with our staff, students and parents to build upon our successful history in order to take our school to even greater heights. We look forward to our school’s 80th anniversary celebrations in August 2018.

One critical component of individual student and school-wide success is effective school-to-home communication. Within these webpages, you will find important information about our school. 

School life at Dazhong is interesting with a variety of activities planned throughout the year. Our school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) centred on Arts Education – drama, visual arts, music education via violin and choir, and dance training from Primary 1-6, will help our students grow in graciousness and resilience. The various opportunities provided for them to showcase their talents and skills will enable them to learn to serve others and the community at a young age. We are the only primary school in Singapore who has started a Junior Orchestra so that our students will have a bigger platform to collaborate and showcase their joy, efforts and resilience in mastering music. Our Outdoor Education Programme also helps to deepen and extend students’ learning in the classrooms to real life application, heighten curiosity, and stimulate inventive thinking in our students. All in all, we are confident that the joyful learning experiences we have created at Dazhong will motivate our students to attain deep learning in both their academics and character growth.

At Dazhong, we are collectively committed to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st Century.  Consequently, our staff has very high expectations for all students.  While we want to ensure our students build a strong foundation for the core academics, building a well-rounded citizen ready for the challenges of life beyond primary school is as critical to student success. Students must have the critical-thinking, teamwork, and technological skills to be competitive in the ever evolving global economy.  We must continue to work to prepare students to be able to make good decisions beyond school and handle the rigours of secondary school life by nurturing their socio-emotional competencies as well.

In order to achieve these goals, we realise that we need full support from our parental base and community.  As a result, our collaborative efforts at Dazhong will continue to grow. Building new partnerships and enhancing our current partnerships at school is a key focus for me as a new leader so that we can find more ways to improve Dazhong Primary School for the future.  We are constantly soliciting feedback in an effort to make our school the very best place for our students to grow and glow!  If you have anything that you wish for the leadership team to discuss, please email us at dazhong_ps@moe.edu.sg. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parent Support Group (PSG), please email us too.

I look forward to working with you during this school year.  By working together, we can form a partnership centred on high academic and character excellence that will allow our students to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming ‘Achievers anchored in values, soaring beyond limits!’


Sincerely yours                                         

Mrs Rina Liang


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